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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Glam Shots

Over the weekend, photographer and dog lover, Jeanne Schnackenberg, visited SP Kennel to take the "glam shots" for the web and for the dog sponsors' packet. With Aliy, Meghan, Wendy and Moira helping, she got some FANTASTIC pics of everyone!

Felix gets the glamour treatment

We used all manner of distractions: squeakers, kibble, falsetto voices and many, many gloves thrown towards (and sometimes at) Jeanne. And you wouldn't believe what went in to getting 11 puppies looking in the same direction at the same time!!! When Jeanne said "we've got it" we all jumped up and down, squealed and clapped then breathed a sigh of relief. The puppies looked quite amused.

Some of the dogs managed to nail it with just a few shots (Boondocks, Beemer and Tug) whereas Pepe and Scruggs took their chance to play to the camera a little longer! Boris has been renamed "Boris Zoolander" as he showed us his "Blue Steel" in almost EVERY frame!

Jeanne was able to capture pics that reflect the dogs' personalities so they are not just great photographs, they also tell a story. We're sure you'll love them as much as we do. There's some editing to do and once that's done we'll get the updated team cards up on the web as soon as possible.

It was such a fun day, thanks Jeanne!

Meghan takes a shot of Jeanne with the babies

- Moira


Anonymous said...

What a great and professional set up for picture taking!!!

Thanks so much in advance - can't wait to see the team one year older!!!

BTW - Felix is a looker (as we all know from his picture in the Sheep Mountain 300 at the end of last season).

Woof, woof, woof!!!


Anonymous said...

Great! It must have been fun! What did you mean about Boris?

Anonymous said...

Can we buy Jeanne's pictures?

Frances (friend of Boris)

Marilyn Cozzens said...

What a photo shoot. SP Kennel does not take a back seat to the models or Hollywood stars! I am not surprised that Beemer was one of the dogs with a few takes. That is one sweet dog. Tinder looks so cute in the puppy shot with Jeanne. I am so looking forward to Tinders updated picture. THANKS.

Aliy Zirkle said...

All the Dog's (including puppies) will have an updated photo on the website dog page. All Dog and Puppy Sponsors will get printed sets in their 'soon to come' sponsorship packets.
Boris had one look during the photo shoot. No matter what we tossed in the air, squeaked or shuffled around, he just confidently stood there looking at us like "Here I am I." And it turns out he took really great photos.

Nessmuk said...

Awesome!! I bet I'm not the only fan who can name the team members as the web page scrolls through their pictures...yep....between the pictures and your write ups a fan can get to know the Team as best as one can from a distance. You folks at SP Kennel know how to do it right!! Your efforts are MUCH appreciated! Thanks!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Another really cool activity!!! Those puppies look sooooooooo charming and happy!!! Your dogs are so well brought up and loved! One big happy family!!!

Anonymous said...

ok - so my question is how did you get the pups to stay with Jeanne with Aliy in the room. I have seen these pups and they live to be around Aliy!

ViewFr4Inch said...

Can't wait to see the pics!

Barb and the agility Papillons
2011 AKC Preferred National Agility Champion, Taylor
And Samurai - Agility Champ in Progress