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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Fire Pups hit a Crossroad

The litter if eleven have come to a crossroads in life. The litter turns three months old this weekend. How the time flies! But, they now have issues that many of our other SP Kennel litters have not had.

Ten Fire Pups sit at a crossroads in front of the Handler Cabin late in the evening. They were on their post dinner puppy walk and were headed home to sleep.

The biggest issue is: there are too many bodies for one dog house! That's right. It's becoming very close quarters. As they continue to grow, their dog house doesn't! Occasionally we can hear them in the middle of the night: "Hey get off me!" or "That's my side!"

People have asked "Why don't you just put two dog house in the pen and they can split up themselves?" We have tried. They all continue to pile in one house. They like each other!

So, the challenge in the next few days will be to split them up into two sleeping pens. We'd like to split them up into personality groups: excited, high strung and fast versus laid back and more calm. But, we are working on that!

During the late night puppy walk last night, we got one thing figured out: Coal would like to sleep in our bed. He continuously mentioned that he was okay with being split up with his bro's and sis's. He said that a spot alongside ChaCha, on the Lazy Boy chair in our bedroom, would be just fine.

Puppy number eleven, Coal, never came to the crossroads. He hung back with the mushers saying "Pleaseeeeee. Pleaseeeee. I'm sure Granny ChaCha won't mind!"



Dawn E said...

Leave it up to me to pick out the one that will do it his own way! Go Coal Go...be your own man.

Anonymous said...

It must have been difficult to refuse Coal, you did, didn't you?

Marilyn Cozzens said...

I imagine Tinder is one of the loudest voices you hear at night! ChaCha would not mind but some of the siblings would protest. Looking forward to the 3 month old pictures of the fire litter. Tender is so cute at the crossroads.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate Coal on his good taste!

ChaCha has always been my favorite and I'd love truly to sponsor her in retirement!


Melissa said...

Coal can come and have a spot on MY bed in Washington if ChaCha minds!! :)

Anonymous said...

Build a bigger puppy house.
Double the standard size but so it can be broken down and reused later to build 2 smaller houses.

Linda Toth said...

Coal is a cuddler, is he? How really cute that he has already made up his mind that being a house dog is not such a bad dea; besides those humans work really hard and need more love than they realize.

A-towns's Becky said...

Splitting them into personality groups, high strung vs. laid back. This must be subtle shades of difference. I can't imagine 3 month old huskies being laid back, ha ha.

Nessmuk said...

Coal is just too darn cute!!! Glad to see you got your dilemma worked out with the building of the duplex!

Lourdes, VT said...

That Mr. Coal... very smart puppy! And, all of them are just ADORABLE!!!! :)