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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Seeing Old Friends and Gaining New Ones

Allen and Aliy were in New England for just over four days. It was a whirlwind trip. Aliy has lots of "history" in area. She was born in New Hampshire and lived in the area as a youngster. (Although at a breakfast gathering her old family friends couldn't decide what kind of "accent" she now has!)

However, one of the best moments of the trip was seeing Hoss - an SP Kennel retiree who, after finishing Iditarod in lead, went to live with Tom and Cindy in Pennsylvania. He has had a rough year with shoulder surgery and a cancer scare. So, it was absolutely delightful to see him (and his humans)!

Aliy, Cindy, Hoss, Allen (and Tom who was taking the photo) had a great visit.

But, that wasn't all...

Other kennel retirees: KitKat, Garlic and Heidi came to join in the fun. And, Hunter, who is now the only brown dog in an all white dog kennel really stood out! Even Lourdes brought kennel mascot "Nome" to visit the mushers. What a treat! Aliy and Allen even ran into SP K dog sponsors and many website enthusiasts.

L-R: Hunter is ready to race; Kitkat, Garlic and Heidi show some love.

But, visiting old friends was only part of the trip. Aliy and Allen were graciously hosted by Christine and Kip at Seal Cove Kennel. The old New England farm house and barn are home to about 30 fantastic dogs and two humans. Breakfast was oatmeal topped with their homemade Maple Syrup and dinner was lobster (Kip and Christine are also fisherman) and beef from the local fields. It was hard to leave!

L-R: Christine's comfy old Farm House; Lobster dinner with friends.

Let's just say... Allen and Aliy left New England with a warm feeling from past times, present situations and future possibilities. It was a GREAT trip!

Pebbles waits at the window for Christine and Kip to come in from feeding dogs.


julie said...

Great to see Hoss. It brought tears to my eyes.

Julie Quinn

Joe Kuhn in PA said...

Back in PA you should have stopped by here LOL gald to see you back EAST!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing!


Lidia Dale-Mesaros said...

It was so great to meet you both and have some valuable time together. I look forward to next time, Lidia

Linda Toth said...

You guys look great - and so do your retired dogs! It must feel great to see them again - and I remember Kitkat and Hunter.

Lourdes, VT said...

"Nome" and I enjoyed meeting the mushers very, very much!!!!

Anonymous said...

What was Hoss's reaction to seeing you?

Marilyn Cozzens said...

How wonderful to reconnect with old & new friends plus the great SP Kennel retired dogs. That is a big lobster Allen is holding. It is fun to make memories!

Marla BB said...

I'm Hunter's new owner & he's a rather shy dog.
I have a touring & racing kennel.
He has alot of people go right up to him to say hi.
Usually he's in his house.
When Aliy went up to him, you could see him remember, suddenly he was up on his hind legs, hugging her, smiling, & giving her his shy half kisses (little half licks).
It was really sweet.