Pud's Halloween

Halloween according to Pud.

"I went into the house this evening excited about visiting with my Mom, Auntie Bullet and that silly floppy eared black dog that chases balls around the yard. But when I got upstairs, the mushers were dressing us in odd dog jackets. It's not even cold inside. What were they thinking?!?

"So, I got dressed in this ridiculous outfit - obviously the mushers have their reasons. I usually get a biscuit when I come inside, so I waited at the door for a treat. The mushers kept giggling and saying ... UNCLE PUD WANTS YOU! Whatever.

"Soon there was more commotion and wouldn't you know... Ironman showed up at the door. Generally he's held in high regard, so I thought maybe he brought me a biscuit. No such luck. Ironman spent all his attention with the Lady Bug and the Blue Monster."

"So in the end I decided Ironman was a chump and I found my own biscuits on top of dining room table. It was a 'help yourself' kind of night."