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Monday, October 7, 2013

Northern New England Trade Fair and Seminar

Aliy and Allen had a great time at the Northern New England Trade Fair and Seminar this past weekend in New Hampshire. They did several talks and answered questions about their lifestyle, dog care and of course, sled dog racing. They camped out Saturday night with folks from around New England, as well as their dogs.

L-R: The crowd was fantastic; Allen and Aliy shows videos of SP Kennel.

Everyone throughly enjoyed the Sunday morning races. There were quite a few classes to choose from: one-dog, two-dog, three/four dog rig, five/six dog rig and a canicross. WHAT FUN!

L-R: A Siberian is ready to roll; an excited Pitbull Mix; Four-Dog Class from Boston area

L-R: The team waits their turn to race; "3 - 2 - 1 GO!" And their off!.


agilecowdogs said...

Nice meeting you both this weekend! Enjoyed your talks very much!!

Tracy Snow-Cormier

agilecowdogs said...

Loved meeting you both and listening to your talks!! Can't wait to follow you in the races this winter! :)

Tracy Snow-Cormier
Portage Lake, Maine

Lynne D said...

What fun - I need one of those three wheel jobs!

Anonymous said...

HUGE thanks to Aliy and Allen for making the trip and for making our weekend so much fun. You guys are warm, approachable, and so generous with your time! Loved the Iditarod/Quest story fest Saturday night. Thanks to you two, IMHO this was the best trade fair yet!


mainemadedogsleds said...

Fantastic 2 days -Aliy and Allen were terrific and Dr. Gigliotti
and her chiropractic talks were nothing short of amazing. Thanks to everyone who participated in this wonderful mushing festival.

Dawn E said...

Looks like fun...though those dogs don't have near the exuberance of the SP Kennel dogs!

Anonymous said...

What an attentive audience you had! Those races look very interesting. Aliy you and Allen are such great ambassadors!

Dawn Jaillet said...

Even my chocolate lab, Buster and Giant Alaskan malamute, Koda Bear love it!

Lourdes, VT said...

Aliy and Allen, it was so very nice to meet you in person, and to attend your seminar! And, Nome also liked seen you both :)

Anonymous said...

Had such a good time at the show this year. Saturday weather beautiful, Sunday a little on the damp to wet side. But that didn't stop the races or the fun. Aliy and Allen were everywhere enjoying themselves and the racer. They were so generous with their time and selves to all of the fans. Great BIG thanks to A&A. BTW my favorite racer is the JRT who ran the canicross race. So cute and intense. He made his human run! fladogfan/gretchen

Anonymous said...

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Michael Malick said...

It was really great having Ali and Allen at the show! Thanks for coming east. You two are wonderful models for people to learn from!