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Friday, October 4, 2013

Felix and Pepe

Just before Mickey left Alaska, she and Doug took several training rides with the dogs. They wanted to get to know some of the younger dogs better, since the next time they will see them is at the Iditarod! So, here is a video clip of Aliy talking exclusively about the brothers: Felix and Pepe.

The boys were born August 17, 2011. They are from a litter of five (Izzy, Mismo and Neslon are the other three.) Quito is their Mom and Biscuit is their Dad. The Golf Litter (Driver, Iron, Woody, Sandy, Chipper and Wedgy) are the identical breeding, but one year younger.


Melissa Krahmer said...

Go Latino litter! I've always wondered at what age you make the decision to spay or neuter and how you select the dogs to keep intact. It looks like the decision is made early.

Marilyn Cozzens said...

felix & Pepe are really getting into the training. That is great to see the brothers pulling together. Are you going to run them in the Iditarod, Aliy? Thanks for the great video.

Margaret said...

Felix and Pepe, now that I turned up the sound on my computer (sometimes I wonder how dumb I really am!)are awesome and have it in the groove!

Thanks so much for the intelligent interviewing, SP Kennel is the best!!!

Nessmuk said...

Felix and Pepe look to be following the footsteps of their Daddy!! With pups like these I look forward to watching many awesome Iditarod races with SP Kennel team members always in the top ten....if not in Nome first many times over!!
Is it March yet?