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Friday, September 13, 2013

It Just Ain't Right

SP Kennel needs about 50 bales of straw each winter for dog bedding in dog houses and in the dog trucks. September is usually the perfect time to buy it from local farmers. What a surprise we had this week when we went to buy our bales.

The price is $12 per bale! For local straw! We usually pay between $5 and $7.

Alaska's crazy summer weather took a toll on large scale straw production. Extreme heat and no rain was the first blow. Wildland fires burned fields as well as forests. Then, just as we hit harvest time, the rains came in torrents. There is little straw around and Alaskans with livestock and dogs are panicking. And the price skyrocketed.

"In the past 15 years, the most I've ever paid for a straw bale was $11 and it was shipped from Washington state," said Aliy.

Allen unloading precious bales. Though a small item in the SP budget, the price shocked us!

As Allen tucked the solid gold bales in the back of the dog barn for maximum protection, he shook his head. "It just ain't right!" So true.


Marilyn Cozzens said...

It certainly isn't right. I am glad you were able to get enough bales of straw. Allen you look so pleased! SP Kennel rocks!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

So sorry to hear that! I'm very glad you got them though! Crazy weather!!!
How are the pups?

Margaret said...

That ain't hay indeed, the doubling of the price of straw.

Or is it, as you wisely note, one of those misfortunes of the dismal science of economics - the externalities of weather, limited supply...perhaps we can take a "straw poll" of some sort during the season on some matter or other!!!

That really was an awesome video of of the pups chasing after you, by the way.

Anonymous said...

$4 a bale here in Wisconsin, we should ship it ! wow, $12

Anonymous said...

It is hard on us farmers, too, as we need it for bedding for our animals as well. Hay is $19 a bale right now, and that is if you can find it! Brooke in Tok

Anonymous said...

How about sponsors for the hay bales? Let me know where to send a donation.
Penny Dorsey

Anonymous said...

I shed a tear for you all today Aliy. However, since straw in Dillingham costs $40/bale one tear was all I could muster. :)


Mel Bowman said...

I don't suppose transporting it from other regions would be cost effective, either. We have plenty here in WI so far as I can tell.

Sorry guys :(.

Anonymous said...

I second Penny's thought:

I'd love to include a special "rider" on my Black Team membership to cover the doubling of hay expense!

I will add the cost of a hay bale ($12) to my 2013-2014 membership fee!


EPetsRoyal said...

Wow! That is really rough. Hope the pups are doing ok.