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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The End of the Month is Near!

Everything changes once August ends. Or at least that's the sentiment floating around SP Kennel. The leaves are starting to change. The water dishes were frozen ice yesterday morning. The Sandhill Cranes are leaving the Northland. All of this means summer is GONE!

It is actually getting dark at night now. The dog yard lights are handy if you want to spot an early morning red fox visiting the dog yard.

The dogs are excited to get back into harness. Of course, all of the dogs have had plenty of exercise this summer either running the trails in Two Rivers or playing in the SP Kennel play pens. But, there's nothing like getting back into harness. Aliy went through the pile of Howling Dog harnesses today and stretched out the gang lines. The ATV four wheelers are ready to roll and we already took a spin out on the route that we will train on Sunday. The first hook up of teams is not for another 4 days. But, why not be ready?!

Quito has put some weight on the summer and is a bit of a "wide load". She claims that the weight sheds easily once she gets back into a routine! It will probably be easy for her, just like all those celebrity Super Models who lose 15 pounds a week before their Movie Premier!

Tatfish and Biscuit are the oldest dogs in training this season. Their antics in the play pen yesterday make us think they were 2 year olds however. Barbara Swenson, visiting the kennel from Anchorage, even mentioned that the two brothers seemed to get a little "testy". Of course, Tatfish had dug a hole 4 feet deep and Biscuit managed to fall into it!

Willie and Boondocks are spinning in their spots. They body slam each other and play like sumo wrestlers, then lay down and nap right next to each other.

Boris has a new hobby of chasing a rock around his circle while pushing it with his nose, whereas Mac still just chases his tail!

Viper and Beemer are too cool to get worked up about much. They both hang out in the middle of the yard and enjoy the canine spectacle.

Lester has become somewhat of the "big man" on campus and likes to strut his stuff next to his newly moved neighbors: Fang, Outlaw and Nelson. Outlaw is his favorite, even though he towers above little blue-eyed Lester.

Scooter is happy as ever and seems to spend much of her time worrying about the puppies: 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 oh no... lost count. 1, 2, 3, 4! Darn it! 1, 2.... are their really 11???

Nacho and Chica are watching the kennel antics from their platform area. They have a multitude of bones and wood blocks and all the rest of the dogs wonder why. Of course, the they are spoiled with toys because we can build them a new dog house only every other year!

Mismo and Izzy are long legged and ready to run. Izzy thinks she's a retriever and carries sticks around in her mouth much of the day. Mismo thinks she's just kinda dumb.

The year old kids are now residing in their own little yard. The Golf Litter is loud and boisterous. Driver is by far the largest and has a voice like a soprano. Little Chipper is the boss and likes to keep everyone in line. The four youngest yearlings round out the yard. Lydia is in the far back, but you can't miss her despite the fact that she is still the smallest and lightest boned! With her overwhelming personality she is a diamond in the rough.

We are so excited for this coming season and the neatest thing is:
The dogs are even more excited that the mushers!
It will be a great season.

Some of you were asking for more puppy pictures. We are trying! It's nearly impossible to capture good pics of every pup. We hope to get puppy, as well as, portraits of all the dogs again this year. But, here is an attempt a litter shot.

Yes! There are only ten.

Pups from left to right: Daisy, Nomex (broadside), Tinder, Chena, Hotshot, Commando, Coal, Spark (in the back), Amber and Violot. Torch is sleeping in the dog house!


Candace Wilson bush said...

This is a great post Aliy, thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you!

Joyce said...

OMG!! cuter than cute. Thanks for sharing!!

Badas Musher said...

very cool! I am hoping for a Sept 1st start to training here as well!!! No ice yet but nice cool weather!

connie said...

Aliy again, thank you so much for another beautiful blog. I so much enjoy all of your pictures, and all of your stories. Sounds like a true entertainment circus at the SP Kennel. I wish your Husband the best of Luck on a back to back FIRST PLACE finish this year in the Yukon Quest. And to you, GOOD LUCK on FIRST PLACE in the Idiarod... Sounds like all the hard work is starting to begin there now ,and you and all the dogs are getting very excited. Again, Good Luck to you both, and have a AWESOME winter season at all the races. Connie in Florida!!

Anonymous said...

Woof. woof!!! Thanks for the pics!!! My, isn't Violet shy or is she just showing us her gorgeous profile?

The more experienced 4-legged team members know what it means when you get out the racing gear and the three wheelers!!!

Can the winter be far behind? They know mushing time is almost upon them!!!

So very much looking forward to the updated pics, hoping to see how big the 2012-2013 puppies and yearlings have become...best to everyone,

P.S. We'd love to sponsor a FIRE pup - how do we do it?

Amanda Patterson said...


Melissa Krahmer said...

It's hard to imagine Tatfish and Biscuit as the oldest dogs running this year. I remember when Macgellan wrote about Tatfish's first race. Where does the time go?

Looking forward to the race season!

Anonymous said...

I've been going back again and again to read about the 4-legged SP Kennel athletes in this wonderful post you've made!

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Marilyn Cozzens said...

Aliy, thanks so much for the great post. And thanks for the liter picture. They are all so cute & loveable, but Tinder is the cutest! The Sandhill cranes will be coming to Bitter Lake outside of Roswell probably. We get thousand wintering here. The excitement is in the air Both mushers & canines seem trilled. My Allen win the Yukon Quest again & you Aliy win the Iditarod! Am super excited for the mushing season. Go SP Kennel!!

Linda Toth said...

I got Tinder, Commando, and Spark right away. Chena, Hotshot, Amber, and Violet are really, really tough to tell apart from this angle. When they were little and you introduced them, I made all these notes to myself about each distinguishing mark - just in the vain hope I would remember all their names. What I thought distinguished their white markings seems to have little bearing now - well except Violet's brown does fold in around the fron of her eyes a little more. Man!

How is Olivia. You mentioned Aunite Scooter, but not Mama.

Nessmuk said...

Awesome post.....I love hearing updates on all of the pups! Wow...water freezing already? Summer is short in your neck of the woods! Im excited about the season as well...Im sure all us fans of the Dog Log will be with ya every step of the way!