Fire Puppies at Four Weeks

At four weeks, the Fire Litter is living in a covered pen with a puppy wheel, plenty of space and a large dog house. Their puppy excursions have mainly been indoor exploration with toys and treats. A larger, fenced puppy pen is nearly complete and outdoor puppy walks will start soon.

Mama Olivia tends to them, but has backed away from the constant cleaning and nursing routine. She is often resting on the far side of the 28 inch barrier separating her from the eleven youngsters or in her “non puppy accessible” dog house. We sometimes find Olivia standing, head over the barrier, watching the puppy ruckus, yet staying physically clear of it. She still has plenty of milk, but is only nursing them in the evening. This has enabled us to set up a perfect routine for feeding: early morning when they wake, afternoon and early evening. Olivia is still getting 3 to 4 meals a day and is honestly, a little chunky!

Many of the pups still have their original facial markings that made them distinctive: Spark, Tinder, Daisy, Coal, Commando and Nomex are all unique looking. The blue-eyed “Olivia looking” pups: Violet, Chena, Hotshot, Torch and Amber are more challenging to differentiate. Torch is the lightest in coloration and Amber is the smallest, but ... good luck with Violet, Chena and Hotshot!