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Friday, July 5, 2013

Stuart Creek Fire Update 7/5

We have NO EVACUATION orders yet.

We are trying to keep a normal routine despite wind changes and smoke. The view from our porch changes constantly.

Here are some fantastic sky photos that we have to share.

The sun on a smokey afternoon.

Sun hiding behind a cloud.

Oh yea... this is SPK Dog Log, isn't it??? So, here's a great dog photo too!

Sissy lays in the wild flowers last week.


Anonymous said...

Looking for the bright side- all the particulate matter in the air should yield beautiful sunsets. Stay safe.

Marilyn Cozzens said...

Aliy, thanks for the update & what fantastic photos. I am thankful you are all safe & haven't had to evacuate. Sissy looks so happy! I am still praying for rain for you all in Alaska. What percent containment do they have on the fire? Keep safe.

Melissa Krahmer said...

I was wondering if the dog walking research was still being conducted with all the fire issues. Thanks for keeping all of us updated.

NCLepper said...

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Mary M. said...

Hello Aliy :)
I am a resident up here at 23.5 mile and just discovered your blog while searching for online updates. You have some lovely photos and it is great to find someone else in the area monitoring the fires. (And updating faster than the authorities! lol)
Pretty smoky here today but sunny as well. Hoping for those showers they're calling for.
Stay safe and awww...Sissy is adorable! :D
All the best,

Mom in PA said...

There is nothing in our news about the north country so your postings are really appreciated... Thinking of you and hoping for good news SOON...

Nessmuk said...

Google Earth has a link to all the wild fire perimeters in the country....Stuart Creek fire included....I believe it's the Crisis and Humanitarian category within the Earth Gallery...click there and then scroll to the Active Fire Perimeters, then pull the earth towards Alaska and zoom.....double click on Stuart Creek we can see how big this monster is. It's probably old news for the folks on the ground, but the resource gives us SP Kennel supports a birds eye view of your dilemma from afar.....our hearts are with you! Stay strong and safe!

Linda Toth said...

just saw the evacuation order

Our thoughts are with you.

SAY said...

Sunday, July 7th - Just saw you have an evacuation order. God Bless, and hope you and all the other mushers in the area stay safe with your dogs. Will be watching the fire and praying that the firefighters can contain it.