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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stuart Creek Fire Update 7/14

According to the AICC website:

The fire activity increased yesterday as anticipated with some isolated flare-ups along with small group tree torching inside the fire's perimeter. However, the perimeter growth was minimal as containment lines continue to hold.
As of July 14 8:00AM the size of the fire was 84,275 acres with 38% contained.
A total of 730 personnel are working the fire.

A list of Firefighter home states; Becky stands outside Pleasant Valley Store.

The backbone of this community is Pleasant Valley Store. Store owners, Becky and Alex, have always been tremendous community supporters. Even now, the firefighters are treated as family.

Two Rivers residents are still under a Evacuation Watch.

From SP Kennel's "bird's eye view" the fire has settled down tremendously after this past week's rain and favorable conditions. We can still see smoke and occasional flames (at a distance) from the porch, but the fire crews seem to have stopped much of the movement of the fire. They are obviously feeling good about the fire because the hoses, pumps and water tanks that were positioned around the neighborhood are now being collected.

Mickey and Doug monitor fire activity from SP Kennel "bird's eye view".

So, we will continue to be wary and keep and eye on the horizon, but overall, we are pleased to be sleeping again at night! (In our own beds!)


Anonymous said...

such a relief to hear great news! Love PVS They rock! They take good care or tourists too!
Padee Santa Rosa, CA

sue hansen said...

So happy for you! Be careful! The whole world is sending you rainy thoughts!

MelReynolds said...

Keeping you guys in our prayers. Hopefully the rain will help strengthen the fire lines. Sending out prayers your direction from Colorado!

Anonymous said...

Very good to read your update, and to see Mickey and Doug on the deck.
So glad your dear dogs are all back at home, happy and safe. Good news that the fire is being contained, but was a fright . Hoping for rain for you.
Julie V.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the pix of the lookouts!!!

The picture answers my question about where you get internet connectivity!!!

Marilyn Cozzens said...

I hope the fire stays contained. I know you are all happy to be sleeping in your own beds. There is nothing better!

Terry Plumart said...

So happy to hear it all. There truly is No Place Like Home! glad you are there and hoping that all remains safe and WET!!!

Maryna Ozuna said...

WOW....I think that still makes it the largest uncontained fire in the US. Glad your risk has gone way down. Good deal.

Lourdes, VT said...

So happy for you and the dogs and all the neighbors! What a good thing you did by having water 'caches' for the firefighters to use! Real sense of community!