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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SPIN #4 (SP Interesting News)

"As of 8:00 p.m. July 15, the Evacuation Watch for residents of Two Rivers along Chena Hot Springs road between Mileposts 16 and 27 has been lifted," writes the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center (AICC). Hooray!! Our fire is now 57% contained at 84,475 acres. The fire continues to grow slowly to the east and northeast into State recreation land with few people or structures. Our west side is 100% contained. But we remain vigilant.

According to Ray, who is the manager of AICC, our Stuart Creek 2 Fire is now the #1 fire (biggest and baddest) in the US. That's a title we certainly didn't want.

Sunday was a first for SP Kennel. At about 10:30 AM a luxury coach (big bus) drove down our mile of dirt access road, into our gravel driveway to the narrow trail at the Skunk's Place sign. Out climbed the Anchorage Glacier Pilots Baseball Team, 30 young men, and their coaches. The Pilots are a college summer baseball team headquartered in Anchorage. They are among the finest players from colleges throughout the US.

The Pilots' 'luxury coach' couldn't quite fit.

The Anchorage Glacier Pilots with Aliy and Mac.

So our team of canine athletes got to meet this team of human athletes. The humans learned a bit about sled dog training and racing. The canines learned that baseball players give pretty great back scratches.

Athletes' mutual admiration.

Three hours after they left the kennel, the Pilots beat the Goldpanners 9 to 1, in the last game of a weekend series. Great job, guys! We'd like to think that SP Kennel helped get you psyched for the game.


Mom in pa said...

No doubt the canines gave them hints for success! A good time was had by all...

Dawn from Maine said...

Wow such great news that the fire is more or less history. I'm always in awe of how positive you all remain during tough times. I prayed for a good outcome for all--Thank you Lord! Looks like you a better summer ahead. Cool baseball fun too!

Nessmuk said...

Great news about the fire....I was on pins and needles the last few weeks watching the updates, and this puts some finality to my worries! Awesome!!! As for your visitors.....Im envious....sounds like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Great to see/hear! They were in the right place!

Lourdes, VT said...

Glad the fire is contained in your area! I bet the human athletes were in awe of the canine ones... just kindred spirits all around!

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for the happy news of your biggest fire anywhere finally being under control!!! Fantastic!

And I love how you respectfully describe the athletes from two different sports greeting each other!

I'll bet Ranger could play center field!

marilyn cozzens said...

What great news about the fire containment. I know you are all greatly deliver. It is wonderful how the great canine athletes obviously inspired the human ones. Well done everyone. A special thanks to all the fire fighters. Hope it is 100% contained soon.

Linda Toth said...

I do not remember grass in that section of the kennel. My My .. thinking of converting part of the yard to a baseball diamond and outfield?

SAY said...

I had been keeping up with the fire from tweets by the Incident Management Team, so knew all was ok. Hope you have an uneventful remainder of the summer. At least the dogs got a trip to summer camp.