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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Retirement for Rose

Lynne Danielson has been Rose's Sponsor for most of the years that Rose has been racing. Lynne has even been in the incredible position some years to watch Rose as she competes in the Iditarod. Just last year, Lynne was a volunteer in the village of Kaltag!

Lynne and her granddaughter, Kyleigh, came up to the kennel and brought Rose back home with them. So far the reports from the home front are that Rose and her new canine and human companions are doing well.

Anyhow, as the puppies become the center of the excitement at the kennel, some of the veteran dogs are leaving us. It is sad in some sense. For me to say to some of my best canine buddies "thank you for all you've given me, now go have fun in the rest of your life". BUT - if they all stayed here at SP Kennel, we would need a heck of a couch! When an SP Kennel dog is retired from racing, their new home must be a perfect match. Lynne and Rose certainly fit the bill!

So... "Thank You Rose!"

Lynne gives Rose some old fashioned loving; Rose explores her new driveway.

Rose naps with Jan on one of our Natural Extremes Adventure trips.


Linda Finkel said...

I'll never forget Rose on our Natural Extremes ANWR trip! She was the only one that came into the chow tent with us! Always such a sweetheart! Glad she has a great new home!!

Connie Loveall said...

Awww!!! I didnt know that is where they went after they retire. That is AWESOME!!! Learn something something everyday. Maybe one day when I retire in Alaska, I will be able to get one of the retired dogs. :)

Marilyn Cozzens said...

Happy retirement to Rose & great fun & love to look forward with Lynne. Sad for you Aliy to say good-bye to such great dogs that have given their all to you & Allen.

Sherri said...

When I die I want to come back as a dog at Lynne's house! Rose is going to love it there!

Anonymous said...

Lauri from California:

So nice to hear of the wonderful retirement homes your dogs go to. It speaks to how the dogs needs really do come first.

Could you post a mini Rose Race resume. I have not been a active SP kennel fan for as long as many here.

Enjoy your new digs Ms. Rose, you earned a retirement of rest, relaxation & spoiling.

Nessmuk said...

Looks like a happy "new" family!! Rosie is one lucky dog!! That's a great way to retire your veterans!

Lourdes, VT said...

Have a great retirement Rose!!! You had a wonderful life at SP kennel, and now you will have a great retirement full of love, easy walks and also fun!
What a lucky dog you are Rose!

JQ said...

Rose was always very special on our ANWR visits. She always seemed to be very privileged. I will not
forget the time she left camp looking for Aliy and Chris who were, up the mountain, about 1/2 hour ahead of her. We were so worried for her. She was, of course, ok and found Aliy.

Lynne you are very lucky.

Julie Quinn

Margaret said...

"Lucky dog" expresses my sentiments, too!

Woof!!! Good luck to Spice Girl Rosemary in retirement!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose is beautiful; if only all sled dogs could be so lucky

Anonymous said...

Now that sure is one loyal dog! Thanks for sharing.
-Jana @ dog kennel