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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Fire News

We have been surrounded by wildland fires this summer and the trend is not letting up. The Stuart Creek 2 fire, on military lands just to the southeast of SP Kennel, grew dramatically in the past few days. On Monday the Alaska Fire Service reported that the fire had burned 10,000 acres. By last night the fire had grown to 45,000 acres, fanned by increasing south winds.

As I write this, the fire's NW perimeter is reported to be 4 1/2 miles from the Chena River and 7 miles from Chena Hot Springs Road at about Mile Marker 26. We are south of 21 Mile Chena Hot Springs Road.

Yesterday morning Fairbanks North Star Borough issued an evacuation 'watch' for our area. Be ready to go at a moment's notice!

By mid afternoon, the kennel was ready. Dog trucks and pick ups with crates were equipped to transport every SP dog, if needed. Box trailers were loaded with dog food, water, tethers, medical supplies and more. Open trailers had all our ATV's strapped aboard. Clothes, people food, computers and records were packed. The caravan was ready to head to Scotty and Bridgett's home west of Fairbanks.

SP Kennel evacuation caravan is ready. IV supervises.
At about 7 pm, we had 20 minutes of light rain, the first rain in 3 weeks. That moderated fire conditions a bit and the evacuation order hasn't come (yet).

The fire is still close by. Although the immediate danger has subsided, we remain on high alert.

Teddy protecting coolers of food and water. She is ready to go, if necessary!


Marilyn Cozzens said...

What a big undertaking. "At a moments notice", is almost impossible with so many dogs, ao much equipment & all the food, water, human belongings, gear, etc.
Am thankful you are getting some rain. Hope it tamps down the fire danger. Fire in forest areas is so dangerous & unpredictable. Am so glad you are all safe.

Melissa Krahmer said...

I'm glad you have such an organized evac plan and pray it doesn't need to be used. Thanks for the update.

Dawn E said...

Wow. Thinking super thoughts for you here. I've done the watch and the go...it is truly heart wrenching. Watch each other closely. Take care and be safe.

Linda Finkel said...

What organizational skills to have all that done so quickly! I guess Yukon Quest/Iditarod training comes in handy! Hope you all stay safe and the fires are kept at bay!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kennel Mom and friends!
this has been a terrible thing to watch from so far away. Update appreciated. Been watching other Two Rivers folks on FB and keeping up with the news. Many good thoughts sent your way. If there is anything the fans can help with let us know!
We love our SP Kennel and Two Rivers community! Safe journeys.
Padee Santa Rosa CA

Doreen Barrows said...

Been thinking about you.
Was hoping the fire was not close.
BUT I can see that you are prepared for the worst.
Lets just pray the preparations won't be needed.
You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Best of luck.

Terry Plumart said...

Just hoping that y'all stay safe and fire free at the kennel. Nasty stuff, those fires. My thoughts are with you! Hope it all goes well!

Margaret said...

Wow! Got my fingers crossed! Good luck and all my best wishes and prayers.

Libby the Lab said...

Hopefully your preparations will not be needed!!

Anonymous said...

I know you'll be okay and dogs will be well cared for, as always, but we are waiting to hear, so will hope for a posting a long the way, from anyone if you have to evacuate. Wish we could help! Our best thoughts are with you.
Julie V

Nancy Klipowicz said...

Prayers for you all; have been in our thoughts daily. Thank you for taking the time to update!

Heidi Phillips said...

Wow, Glad you guys have a plan and are ready to go if you need to. Praying that this was just a drill and the fire will be out and rain will be coming down out of the sky!
The SP Kennel Family , friends and neighbors will be in my thoughts. As Padee said If there is anything that we fans can do to help let us know. Wish I knew some way to send all the rain we are having here in Virginia your way!
Stay safe!


Nessmuk said...

It's good SP Kennel is organized and prepared! Wish we could send Alaska and other dry/fire prone states some of our excess rain...we got just over 5 inches of rain over the past week with much flooding and destruction in the valleys. Sure would help if Mother Nature could spread it around a bit!! Please Stay Safe!

Lourdes, VT said...

Keeping all of you, humans and dogs in my prayers and in my thoughts!!!
Thanks for the update! The dogs at SP Kennel are very lucky to have such good 'parents'
Best of luck!