Life as a Evacuee

Ironic, isn't it, that we should house the flood evacuated Galena dogs for five weeks only to have to evacuate ourselves? I'm not sure what it all means, if anything, it's simply ironic. I've been thinking about things a lot lately.

Our current situation away from our home in Two Rivers is far from a hardship. We are fortunate enough to have family, friends and even simple acquaintances who go out of their way to help or send well-wishing's.
So.. DO NOT worry about us. The dogs are fine, we are fine and the whatever else happens is out of our control.

Our evacuation was uneventful. The caravan of dog trucks and trailers made it's way to Bridgett and Scotty's home south of Ester, Alaska. There were spots ready for each individual dog underneath a groove of tall spruce trees over looking the Alaska Range Mountains to the south. We brought a ton of Eagle Pack Dog Food with us, so I guess we could spend the month, should we like it better on this side of town!

Allen looks over the Alaska Range with the dogs.

I was reminded yesterday during our evacuation that: Our dogs are the best. They get along great with each other - no arguing or bickering. No running away. No panicking. They are well behaved. We expect them to listen to us and they do. They are truly awesome dogs and I thank them for their cooperation.

A photo of twenty evacuated SP Kennel dogs.

The race dogs have taken everything in stride and many are stretched out in the shade and cushioning of the forest understory. They must be thinking "I wonder what kind of adventure Aliy and Allen are taking us on now?"

Scout, Bonita, Pud, Tony, Boondocks and Bullet aren't too stressed.

The young dogs are acting like they are at Summer Camp - and for some of the them I guess, it must seem like they are! Lydia, Dutch, Junior and Kodiak went on their first dog truck ride yesterday - ever! Woody, Wedgy, Chipper, Sandy, Iron and Driver are camped under the trees, playing with twigs, as if it were an afternoon picnic. (I have to admit that Driver did chew the internet cord to the house last night. Opps, sorry Scotty. But, I'm sure he thought it was just a twig!)

Tatfish and Dutch check out the lawn; Schmoe ignores Sandy just before she pounced on him!

The sixteen Research Study dogs are in their own "area" because their special meals must continue despite the evacuation inconvenience. They might have a few days off from exercise, but we have plans to start that up again in a different location, if needed.

The fire fighters are doing their jobs and are trying their best to control the fire. Our house is safe, as of now, and folks are in the area watching it for us.