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Monday, April 1, 2013

A Quick Clip from the Valley Funale

The Two Rivers Dog Mushing Association was great at incorporating the community youngsters into this weekend's Valley Funale.

Meghan was able to capture this rather quick video clip of Sam and ChaCha racing in the One Dog Class.

Who is having more fun? Sam or ChaCha?


Lisa B said...

What a fun little video. I think both Sammy and ChaCha were having equal fun. Great future musher in the making. Thanks for sharing.

Lourdes, VT said...

I think both are having a great time!!! Go Sam, GO CHACHA!!

Margaret said...


Thanks so much for sharing - I knew ChaCha still has a lot in her tank!!!

And her grandmotherly concern as she turned at the end to make sure Sam was still hanging on!!!

Thanks again! ChaCha was definitely having having super fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Good dog, indeed! It's great that you incorporate the "retired" dogs into the fun runs.
Good job, Sam (the future of SPK)!

Thanks for the video. It always makes my day to see a post from SPK.

Nessmuk said...

Nice to see Cha Cha in action......I bet she loved it....hearing all the cheers.....good Dawg indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Lauri from California:
Thanks so much for the video clip. It looks like they were both having agreat time.. I loved how Cha Cha turned around & checked on her musher Sam. May she be able to help train the next generation.

Linda Toth said...

Why does this bring tears to my eyes? The wonder of an older generation dog showing a young musher the ropes - and that young musher, WOW!