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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Morning Update - Takotna

Both Aliy and Allen are in to Takotna and it very much looks like Aliy elected to take her mandatory 24 hour layover there. She "declared" it as she came in to the checkpoint; we're unsure if Allen did the same and of course, we never REALLY know for sure until they actually leave but we do know that currently they are both resting here.

It is during their 24 hour layover that the starting time differential is added so the earliest Aliy could leave is 10.55pm on Wednesday (if I've done my sums correctly) so the team will get a 25 hour, 20 minute rest. If Allen is here for his 24 hours the earliest he could leave is 6.09am Thursday morning after 24 hours, 38 minutes rest.

During this time they will spend a lot of time tending to the dogs: feeding several meals and snacks and giving full body massages, including every foot, with Algyval. They will walk them around on a leash every now and again to keep them moving a little but mostly ensuring they sleep to recharge their batteries. It will be important for themselves to sleep and eat also so they will be making time for that.

The video of Aliy pulling into Takotna shows a happy team and she looks and sounds great herself! It appears she still has Quito and Beemer in lead.

Note: We are aware that Allen has dropped someone in Nikolai but we have no way to know who it might be and why so we will contact the Dog Drop HQ at the Millennium Hotel this morning to check when they are likely to arrive in Anchorage. The flights are very weather dependant and we understand that there is some questionable weather on it's way. We will let you know as soon as we find out.


Margaret said...

Great job, SP Kennel website! Thanks for the info you've been offering - your fans (at least this one!!!) are so very grateful!

You're the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Aliy, all of the students I teach are cheering for you.

Stormy Lntz said...

This is a great site.As a huge fan of the Iditarod, I appreciate your updates! Go Aliy!

Nessmuk said...

Go Red and Black Teams!! We love you way over here in the Adirondack Mts of NY! Any word on the Team members who were dropped. Glad to see Tug is resting....who else got dropped?

tmcaleer said...

See that Aliy got back on the trail last night, after the 8 hours had passed yesterday, I too thought she was doing the 24 hours. I am looking at the weather, temperature and wind as she continues on and hoping things will settle down so she and Allen can breeze on. Go Aliy Goooooo! Go Allen Goooooo! Go Dogs Goooooo!

By the way, the Run Dogs Run video made me tear up, there is a segment of that video with Aily that shows her smile and happiness in what she does.

Best, Trish