Wednesday Morning, Feeling Fine

Everyone here in Nome got a good night sleep last night, human and canine. The dogs were VERY cosy in their beds when we arrived to the dog lot this morning and we had to rouse them but once they were up they were keen to have a walk around and a big meal. They all look great! Aliy is up, for now, and has eaten a big plate of oatmeal and A CUP OF COFFEE! She looks to be enjoying it very much.

Allen and his team of stars are currently in Elim, they arrived there at 5.07am this morning after a quick 5 hour 41 minute run in from Koyuk. Allen did spend longer than scheduled in Koyuk but if you look at his leaving time and Aliy's arrival time to Nome it will give you a clue why. We are excited to see the team so are still glued to the GPS watching their progress. Next stop for them is White Mountain where they will get a good, long eight hour rest.