Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Black Team Into Rainy Pass

Allen was easy to spot coming over Puntilla lake into Rainy Pass checkpoint this morning with both his distinctive sled and as he was ski-poling: "That's gotta be Allen!"

Lester and Viper led the team in behind Mike Williams' team and they were looking enthusiastic and happy. We had a chance to speak to him as worked through his arrival routine: first he snacked the dogs with some salmon and a little dry kibble as an appetiser - we saw that in the Quest also that in the warm temperatures the dogs are enjoying the less fatty snacks, especially salmon, as it has a high water content and it is an efficient way to get both protein and water into the dogs quickly. Next he gave some of the dogs a quick rub down with some Algyval and removed all their booties. He then heated some water to soak more kibble for a couple of hours ready for their big meal prior to leaving. While waiting for the water he went through his drop-bags and his sled getting organised for the next run, picking out what snacks to take for him and the dogs, what booties, jackets and other gear he might need.

The team wait to be parked and take a look around, Allen snacks Fang while everyone else looks on!

All the while this was happening a veterinarian was doing a thorough check on each dog, checking for any soreness, hydration levels and overall health of the team. Allen's main concern is that it is very warm for the dogs but by arriving at 11 and subsequently leaving at 6.35pm they were able to rest during the heat of the day.

Clyde gets Vet checked, Allen prepares the kibble meal

Allen and Aliy had an opportunity to speak as he was heading into the musher's cabin for his rest just as she was coming out. They spoke quickly about strategy and dogs and it was nice for them to have a few minutes together as it will be a while until they see each other again.


Anne H. said...

Moira, you continue to be the luckiest person on earth!!! I never expected to see any video when I got up this morning. What a great opportunity to be able to go up to Rainy Pass - a most gorgeous spot!!!

So happy to have some great video to show my homeschool co-op on Friday, thanks!!!! Go SPKennel!!!

What's "punchy" mean?

Wendie said...

The videos make you feel like you're a part of everything. Some check points are like you picture them, others are not.

Anonymous said...

Way to go LZi - mush on!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to wake up to---videos and pictures from SPKennel! Love the racing season! Thanks very much for all the work that went into this.

Margaret said...

The Iditarod website shows Aliy with 16 dogs again - guess Tug took it upon herself to charm a pilot into flying her to Nikolai to rejoin her mates!


I copied it from their website to mine (1:30pm EDST).

Anonymous said...

I feel the love!

canilupus said...

So happy to see these upsdates

JoAnne said...

Love the updates and video!