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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Black Team at Rest

Here are a few pics of the Black Team yesterday. Allen visited to say 'Hi' and they were so pleased to see him! They have had some good rest and today are very perky!

Tatfish is just... Tatfish, even at rest!; Bonita couldn't wait for her crate to be set up and settled in to the extra straw next door

Fang relaxing and looking handsome; Spicy the Spice Girl getting some well earned rest


Moosekahl said...

Tatfish gave me kisses at the finish line :)

Unknown said...

HAhaha. Yes they have perky written all over their faces.


Linda Toth said...

Tatfish is a sweetheart. I am just now getting through all the updates. Thanks for posting great coverage of both teams. I especially appreciated the White Mountain videos of the Black Team.

Good work everyone.

Lourdes, VT said...

Those dogs look so comfortable and happy! AND they all show their own personality, even in rest!
Great job Allen!!!

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for this report - SPKdoglog is the best!!! And a big WOW to Black Team 2-legged and 4-legged members on their magnificent accomplishment!!!

And congrats to Spicy on her sixth Iditarod!!! Sisters Rose and Meg will be happy for her, as they, according to their posted records, already had notched their six!

Laliv Gal said...

Looks like it is still winter time ....Enjoy!