The Black Team are Home to Nome

It was a typical windy day in Nome when Allen and his super-team trotted up Front Street at dawn. Spicy and Viper guided the team up the street to the waiting crowd of family and friends.

They finished in 33rd position in 10 days, 18 hours, 4 minutes and 21 seconds and their run time from Safety to Nome was right up there with some of the front runners! We are all so proud of Allen and his team of experience mixed with youth for finishing so strongly and looking so happy and healthy at the end. That is a real testament to Allen's exceptional dog care that he finished with 13 dogs; five of whom were Iditarod rookies (Clyde, I.V., Chemo, Fang and Schmoe) and three running it for only their second time (Scooter, Pud and Lester). Viper, in just his third Iditarod, led for the entire 1000 miles! What a star! Spicy, Bonita, Tatfish and Moxie did a fantastic job showing the youngsters the ropes.

Did you notice that Allen was STILL ski-poling, even on Front Street!!

Black team are home; Allen and his super-leader Viper share a moment (photo credit: Wendy)

The team has been fed and settled into the dog yard and the entire team - Allen included - and are now sleeping.

The poets amongst us might think it is appropriate they arrived at dawn as his team included so many dogs at the dawn of their careers for SP Kennel.