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Friday, March 22, 2013

Thank You Grayling!

When Aliy was the first musher to reach the village of Grayling on the Yukon River she was presented with magnificent hand made beaver fur and moose hide beaded mitts locally made by Sue Nicholi.

Not only was it a beautiful and unexpected gift but take a listen to how the presentation of them might just have changed the course of Aliy's race. She could not wipe the smile from her face from then on despite the challenging weather conditions!

Grayling: You Rock!


Anonymous said...

Awesome...love those small villages. I am so glad that Aliy paid tribute to Grayling. They must be so happy to hear about their village being talked about like this.

Aliy, thank you for sharing this story and thank you Home Team for posting this video. I love all the stories. Hoping you will be able to interview the mushers yourself when things slow down.

Looking forward to the next race. Run well, have fun.

Dawn E said...

That is so special. Not just the gift of gloves and handiwork, but the gift of peoples heart supporting you and the race in that dang rain. Go Aliy Go

Anonymous said...

Oh my! snif snif. what a story,Thanks to both Aliy and Grayling village. I cant wait for Aliy's trail notes journey. This one is the best inspiration for spirit and hope.
Thanks for sharing SPK Crew!
Padee Santa Rosa CA

Gale Browning said...

That is a touching story. Yeah, village of Grayling. Love the mittens but love the story behind the mittens more. Just a filming tip to the camera operator, Dial in the focus with auto focus and then set the camera to manual focus to keep the focus sharp.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute, Aliy to Grayling and to you! Very special.

Julie V.

Lourdes, VT said...

What a wonderful and touching experience Aliy! The warm and loving reception in Grayling speaks tons of their character and spirit! The mittens are a true work of very, very fine art!!! Very talented artist!!!
And, it also speaks volumes of Aliy's character as well! Nobody gives that kind of reception to somebody they don't love and respect!!!
Kudos to you Aliy and to the people of Grayling!!!

Anonymous said...

We love Grayling!!!

Linda Toth said...

Such kindness is what keeps us all going, isn't it?