Saturday Night on the Trail

It looks to us like Aliy and the team have stopped to rest on the trail about 13 miles past Kaltag. Our best guess is that the team has been moving through snowdrifts on this part of the trail which will slow the team down and whoever is in front is breaking trail!

Allen and team are resting in Eagle Island after a very fast time from Grayling! At the time of writing, they've been there for about two and a half hours. As you can see by now he is running a very different schedule to Aliy!

We're signing off to get some sleep (if we can); there is still a long way to go. Tomorrow we should see a "Gold Coast Award" winner as the first musher to Unalakleet. This is the award that Aliy won last year and it was presented to her by her son-in-law Scotty Watkins from Wells Fargo :-)

NOTE: We have been able to pick up Dingle and Kipper from the Dog Drop HQ in Anchorage, they made it back late this afternoon. They are both going to be just fine, Dingle had some soreness in his right rear and Kipper in her front left shoulder. Mickey and Doug who are still in Anchorage picked them up this afternoon and the vet seemed happy they will recover well. They were happy to be back around familiar faces - it must have been quite a big deal to have to ride in two planes on the way back to Anchorage! They are both a little sleepy but they enjoyed their salmon snacks and kibble which they gobbled up and they are now taking a looong nap.