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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

R&Bs On Their Way to Remote Camp

Meghan and mates left Tolsona Resort Checkpoint at 4.25am after just over five hours rest; again, all part of the plan! The team rested and ate well and were barking ready to set off again under the full moon and a wisp of Aurora. The temperature dipped over night to about -20F on the lake which was a welcome change for the dogs from the warmth of yesterday afternoon.

They have just come through the Lake Louise Lodge checkpoint to pick up supplies for their remote camp out near the Tyone River. This checkpoint exists especially to give mushers experience at camping in a remote area without accessible shelter or water - just like they might have to out on a longer race such as the Yukon Quest or Iditarod. Meghan is travelling with straw for the dogs, warm coats and blankets, her cooker to make water from snow and plenty of snacks and kibble. She's looking forward to the experience!

Meghan's sled loaded and ready for a camping trip

Meghan left Rambler with Tug and I at Lake Louise Lodge as a precautionary measure; he was a bit sore and it is a long way to go out-and-back (100 miles) so she decided he was best to travel the rest of the way with us.

I don't get to see them again for a long while as they must rest at least four hours at the camp checkpoint which is 50 miles away so I'm going to catch some rest myself. Back soon!


Squid Acres said...

Team Squid is cheering for you! go get em!

Linda Toth said...

The photo of Felix on the Sheep Mtn 200/300 facebook page rocks!

NCL said...

Thanks for the update. Hope Meghan and team have an awesome camping trip.

Nessmuk said...

We appreciate the updates! Keep em coming! Go R&B Team!!

brad said...

Betsy, Lillehund and Brad are all cheering for Meg! Lille just had knee surgery. Go Meghan! Make the home team proud-er!