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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

R&Bs Into Lake Louise Lodge

The team arrived into Lake Louise Lodge checkpoint at 12.14pm looking great! Here all teams must take at least four hours rest plus their time differential to make up for the different starting times.

Meghan said the dogs are doing a fantastic job; Ranger is solid and confident and Beemer is a star as always. Felix and Nelson are doing well running with "the big dogs". Everyone was feeling the warmth of the last few miles on the lake which was sheltered from the wind so she watered them all and gave them lots of watery fishy snacks. They are currently stretched out on their straw sleeping through the heat of the day. They will get their bigger kibble meal before setting out on the next leg to Tolsona.

Meghan said the trail conditions are "perfect", if a bit "fast" and the trail markers have done an excellent job. She said the scenery was spectacular and it was really special to share such a beautiful sunrise with her team. She's taking a rest herself now as she had a very early start and there is still a LONG way to go.

The team arrives to Lake Louise Lodge

Meghan removes booties from the team


Linda Toth said...

Ah, look at those dogs all relaxed (and perky little I.V.)

Dawn E said...

Just curious...are any of Taco's siblings on Meghan's run? HAHA

Dawn from Maine said...

Only the best from SP Kennels! Go Meghan! Go Beemer and Ranger!

Lourdes, VT said...

All of you are mushing stars!!!