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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

R&Bs Are On The Trail

Meghan and her R&Bs set off at 6.30am this morning from the Sheep Mountain Lodge bound for an adventure. Everyone, including Meghan was excited to get on the trail! Ranger (barking as usual) and Beemer lead the team out of the staging area and through the start gate before quickly disappearing down the trail. It was still dark as they left and it was just below zero with a cool wind and some light snow.

It soon dawned into a gorgeous day as the team passed through Eureka Lodge. The Lodge is not an official checkpoint for the 300 mile racers so we won't get official times but she covered the 18 miles of trail in just under two hours. As she went passed she had a big grin and called out "They're looking good!" I caught this on video and will upload as soon as I can.

The trail followed the road for a short way so I was able to catch her to get these pics and I heard a "Woohoo" as she went passed so it looks and sounds like they are all having fun!


stormy said...

Goooooo! Meghan& dogs!!

Anonymous said...

L Zi - run steady, safe and sure.

Be Cool, Stay Warm, Mush On.


Anonymous said...

Awesome update and great photos! I bet they are having the best time EVER. Wish I could be on the sled with them:)

Andi S - NH said...

I am new to your site with the Iditarod but want to say Thank You for continuing to post here on other races This is great!

Dawn E said...

Yay! Go Meghan! Go Dogs!

Melissa said...

Love the enthusiasm Meghan!!
Sounds like a GREAT time.