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Thursday, March 28, 2013

R&Bs Are Back From Camp!

At 27 past midnight the Red and Blacks arrived back to Lake Louise Lodge checkpoint from their camp-out on Tyone River. They left there at 6.57pm and their run time for the 50 miles was five hours, 30 minutes. Meghan said the camp was good fun and at a beautiful spot and once she had completed her checkpoint/camp routine she was able to snuggle for a while with the dogs in the sun. Meghan made particular mention of I.V. and Mac whom she is running side by side. She said they look physically so different but have similar attitude and work ethic and it makes her smile to see them run so well together.

The team will take their last mandatory rest on the lake here before setting off for the final 60 mile run through Eureka Lodge to Sheep Mountain Lodge on the same section of trail they started out on Tuesday morning. The earliest they can leave is 4.27am. The temperature at the moment is about -5F with a clear, starry sky - all the dogs are happily curled up, sleeping under warm jackets and blankets and Meghan is resting on the floor in the Lodge by the wood fire (incidentally, also under warm jackets!)

Meghan gets hot dog-water from the Lodge; Sissy enjoys a snack

Nelson chows down a salmon fillet; I.V. gets her "super-girl" costume on while Mac eats some more snacks

We're expecting the team to finish mid-to-late morning and we'll update you as soon as possible. I'm excited to greet them at Sheep Mountain Lodge and I will be armed with plenty of good food and snacks for dogs and musher!

Congratulations to Alyssa Komac, a fellow Two Rivers musher, and her team who won the Sheep Mountain 200 earlier today. The 200 mile race was run at the same time over the same trails as the 300 mile race (minus the remote camp) and she burned up the trail with some really fast run times. Great job Alyssa!


Melissa Krahmer said...

Thanks for all the great updates. I'm proud of the dogs and Meghan. I hope she writes up a summary of her trip.

Linda Toth said...

Based on her departure time, she should probably be back in after 10:00. I will begin hovering on the updates page and this blog starting then.

Mutt and Jeff, I mean Super Girl, I.V., and Cutter's son, Mac are an unexpected, but strong partners.