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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Update - Sunday Morning

The "Insider" team caught up with Aliy when the team was resting on the Yukon just outside of Kaltag yesterday afternoon. She explained she was there because it was more likely the dogs would get a better rest out there than in town. She told them she spent 24 hours soaking wet and when talking about being able to lay in the sunshine for a few hours she said: "man, that was nice!" She thought that the rainy weather was tougher on the humans than the dogs!

As we have been sleeping the team moved down the trail and stopped for about an hour at what could have been "Old Woman Cabin", one of two BLM (Bureau of Land Management) cabins along the much used portage between Kaltag and Unalakleet about 35 miles from Unalakleet. The team is on its way again now just over 30 miles from the checkpoint.

After over seven hours rest in Eagle Island Allen and team are on the trail towards Kaltag and right now are about 30 miles from the checkpoint. He is still running with 14 dogs and moving at a good pace.

Note: A number of you are asking about Puppet and Waylon as Emily Schwing from KUAC, who saw Aliy go through Kaltag, wrote that they were the two dogs dropped there. At this stage that is all we know also so we will find out more as soon as we can.

PS Don't forget daylight saving time!


Dawn from Maine said...

Do you change ur clocks in Alaska, too? Thanks, for the awesome update. I appreciate your dedication to the fans! Go Aliy Go Allen! WWAAAAAHHHOOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a BIG THANK YOU NOTE! To the Kennel Crew and families. You all have done such a marvelous job at informing us virtual mushers and keeping us calm about the dropped dogs and Aliy and Allen journeys.
A big shout out to Megan and Moira! What ever you do next year after the race is over. Good luck! You were an awesome pair of handlers and a joy for me to get to meet! Thanks so much. I do hope to see you again.
Padee from Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...

I feel guilty about sitting down to a lovely dinner when I know that Aliy and Allen and working HARD on the trail. I'll keep up the mental pedaling and poling!

stormy lntz said...

Go Aliy you can do it!