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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Out of Lake Louise Lodge

Meghan and 13 team mates left Lake Louise Lodge checkpoint after five hours of rest, this was all part of the plan to rest the team a little longer than the minimum required at that checkpoint so she actually left right on time! She allowed some time in her routine to give the dogs some loving!

Ranger and Meghan share some love; I.V. gets a kiss while Beemer and Viper look handsome

Tatfish gets in on the action while the young boys sing!

Meghan has left Tug-boat with me. Tug had some soreness in her wrist so to ensure no further injury, and after consulting with the race Veterinarian, Meghan decided to leave her to do the rest of the race in the truck with me.

The team is expected to pass through Tolsona Resort checkpoint shortly on their way out to Crosswind Lake and back.


Lourdes, VT said...

oh, what very sweet images! That's the very essence of mushing to me, deep loving connection between musher and dogs!!!
Go Meghan and dogs!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! The singing dogs is my favorite picture. If I recall right, Manny used to sing. If he was here with these dogs, they'd be like the 3 Tenors of the dog world. :)

NCLepper said...

Wonderful pictures. I love that Tug will finish the race, just in the truck with you. Obvious loving all around.

Dawn from Maine said...

Amazing pics! I especially love the young boys singing! Could be a great poster! Go Meg and Pups!