On the Way Home

Half the human team and all the canine team are on the way home to Two Rivers. We loaded 23 dogs and two sleds onto an NAC flight bound for Anchorage this morning where Allen and Meghan, who flew out to Anchorage early this morning, will pick them up and drive them home from there.

You will see in the pictures each dog is in an individual crate and they are safely secured onto a pallet before being loaded onto the plane. Everyone was very calm and they settled in to their crates comfortably, even those that had never done this before. They will be in Anchorage in just a couple of hours.

Clockwise from top left: Bonita, Tatfish, Fang and Clyde get loaded, weighed and on their way

Aliy and Moira fly to Fairbanks later today and will arrive home about the same time as the rest of the team. Phew! Thanks Nome, it's been great!