Meet and Greet Aliy and Allen

The Meet and Greet this evening at the Clarion Suites was a great success. It was standing room only! Aliy and Allen entertained the crowd with stories about the trail and talked everyone through the contents of their sleds. Aliy nearly blinded people in the front row with the strength of her handlebar headlight and Allen defended the integrity of his "ziplock" sled bag (dubbed "ziploc" as it looks like it could be made out of a plastic bag!). Then everyone was charmed by Beemer, Ranger, Honda and Dingle - but then, who wouldn't be?

Later we "dropped" all the dogs so everyone could see and meet them. It's quite a big deal for the dogs to be around such a crowd as their usual routine doesn't involve that many people but they were all beautifully behaved.

Tonight everyone, canine and human, is resting up ready for the ceremonial start at 10am tomorrow. Thousands of people are expected to line the route through downtown Anchorage - it's pretty exciting!