Aliy and the team are safely home to Nome.

It was emotional to see them come down the chute looking so very good! Several waves of "Aliy! Aliy! Aliy!" chanted around the crowd and she received such a big cheer all the way down Front Street. Aliy was smiling, of course and her Mom and Dad were beaming with pride. She and Mitch Seavey were quickly ushered into a press conference in front of a huge crowd who hung on every word!

The dogs were happy, healthy and some were still even slamming into their harnesses to keep going! They chomped down several thawed salmon snacks as soon as they stopped then as they got to the dog lot they ate a big kibble meal and got full body massages and are now resting in their comfortable straw-filled homes.

Aliy is currently sitting in the lounge with us all telling stories of the trail. The one thing that stood out as a significant factor in the race was the rain - if affected everything: the trail, the dogs, the equipment, the mushers... everything. She is really proud of her team and we are really proud of her!

Here are a few photos; I'm working on the video now of both their finish and the press conference and we'll get some of her stories on (virtual) paper for you as soon as I can.

The waiting throng of media; Quito basks in some much deserved glory

Aliy has a moment with Olivia

At the press conference with Doug and Mickey; answering questions

Telling us some trail stories