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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Night on the Trail

As I write this Aliy and team are on the trail towards Eagle Island and Allen and his team are resting in Shageluk.

Aliy arrived into Grayling as the first musher at 9.54am this morning and received a wonderful gift of beautiful hand made beaver fur and moose hide mitts locally made by Sue Nicholi. Aliy saw out her mandatory eight hour layover there and left right on time at 5.54pm. The GPS shows her currently about 35 miles from Eagle Island.

Allen and team arrived into Shageluk at 3.55pm. I have inadvertently "put you crook" when I said that the eight hour mandatory layovers are to be taken at Anvik, Grayling, Eagle Island or Kaltag - in fact mushers are able to take this break in Shageluk also which could be what Allen is doing! (Sorry about that folks.) If that is the case they will be able to leave there at 11.55pm tonight.

Has everyone seen Sebastian Schnuelle's wonderful photo of Aliy and Jake Berkowitz sleeping in Grayling (right)? Her dad, Doug, bought her that sleeping bag in 1999 and she has been using it ever since. Aliy really likes to use tried and true equipment on her races and that bag has certainly been tried out!

The support crew has started to head out to Nome now to prepare everything for both teams' arrival. Now THAT is quite a logistical exercise to get all the dog crates (needed to ship the dogs home), supplies and people there at the right time... nothing like what the race officials have to deal with of course!

Note: We are still on track to hopefully meet our three dropped dogs from the trail tomorrow afternoon. Once we know who and why we will let you know. We got Tug and Sissy back to the kennel today and Meghan said that they were so excited to be home and everyone gave them a welcome home hooooowwwwwwlllll!!! Meghan was right out there howling with them too!


Dawn from Maine said...

It looks like Aliy likes to sleep warm and toasty and Jake is too hot! Thanks to you for the clear and flavorful updates! Cheers to all of you! GGGOOOOO Aliy! GOOOO Allen!

Lisa B said...

Thanks for the update! Like all the rest of the SP Kennel fans I am glued to my computer - Aliy's doing great - proud to be cheering her on. Safe travels to the crew for the trip to Nome. Hugs and kisses to the dropped dogs when you get them back. Go Red Team! Go Black Team!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos re beaver fur mitts, Aliy made it to Eagle, Fantastic, love the picture of Aliy sleeping next to Jake, can not even see her head. love it. Go Team Red and Black. love to you all, and many hugs. logistics of getting everyone where they have to be must be interesting.
hopefully Taco's siblings are doing well as well. hugs Maureen

Anonymous said...

also safe travels to the SP Kennel crew to Nome.

Hoss (ret.), Cindy and Tom said...

Hope nobody turns on the stereo...WOW! Matching mitts (with those Allen got in the YQ)..now that's really cool. Aliy and Allen are going to be the fashion king/queen.

Margaret said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Would have loved to be there to hear the howls!!!

So proud of all SP Kennel 2-legged and most importantly, 4-legged team (s) members, ONWARD!!!

With love, best wishes, prayers and hopes for wonderful journeys to Nome,


Judy from Virginia said...

Loved the training "ride" with Aily and the team. Thank you for posting it. Cheering the team on as they head towards Nome. Safe travels to all.

Lourdes, VT said...

So happy to hear from Aliy and Allen!
I too, am glued to my computer! Sending lots and lots of positive energy their way!!!
Thank you all members of the crew doing such a great job in keeping us updated!!! God Bless!

Isabel from texas said...

We are glued to computers too! Thanks dog blog folks! Hope Aliy and dogs get a good rest at eagle island and catch Martin today! Continuously rooting for Aliy from Texas!

Anonymous said...


Paula Nations Medlin said...

Go,Aliy go!!

Anonymous said...

We are glued to our computers here in Boise, ID too. Is such an exciting race! GO ALIY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I became addicted to this race. I've been following SPK for a few years and so want this to be Aliy's year. If not, it will be more excitement for next year. Go Aliy and team!

Joe K in PA said...

FACE firmly in front of computer screen tracking SP Kennel teams up the trail for the LAST 7 DAYS in central PA .

Back to Back 1000 mile wins for SP KENNELS