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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teams Update

A number of you are asking for an update on who is still running on each team. We haven't seen some of them off the trail yet but by the photos and videos we are seeing from news agencies and several of us pouring over them we believe we know who is still running.

On the Red Team, in the most recent video from White Mountain, is Quito in single lead followed by Scout in single Swing, Beemer and Willie, Scruggs and Olivia, Mac and Nacho with Chica and Biscuit in wheel.

Aliy dropped Tug in Rainy Pass, Dingle in Nikolai, Rambler in Shageluk, Puppet and Waylon in Kaltag, and Boondocks in Koyuk. Tug is at home in Two Rivers; Dingle is with Margie in Wasilla; Rambler, Puppet, Waylon and Boondocks are still out on the trail getting very well looked after by the dog drop volunteers and will be met by our good friends "Team Miller" in Anchorage who will take them out to Margie. There is a possibility that Boondocks will be flown forwards to Nome and we meet her later today.

On the Black Team, in the video from Unalakleet, is Chemo and Viper in lead, followed by Schmoe and Scooter, Lester and Fang, Spicy running solo, I.V and Pud, Clyde and Moxie with Bonita and Tatfish in wheel.

Allen dropped Sissy in Finger Lake, Kipper in Nikolai and Honda in Kaltag. Sissy is at home in Two Rivers, Kipper is with Margie in Wasilla and Honda is likely to be flown to Anchorage in the next couple of days.

Sebastian Schnuelle posted this picture (below left) of Boondocks in the dogdrop area taking a nice long nap! Below right is a screen shot of Allen's team with Chemo and Viper leading out.


Cliff Michel said...

Thank you so much for the update on the dogs still pulling Aliy and Allen to Nome. Those of us who sponsor the dogs really appreciate this news. --Cliff Michel (Junior's Sponsor)

Lisa B said...

Kudos to Allen for still having 13 up and coming SP Kennel rock-stars on his string. He's doing an important job by readying the dogs for future competitiveness, but darn that he can't be in Nome for the finish...

Quickstep Sleddogs said...

GO AILY! We are all behind you here at Kingmik Dog Sled Tours! We want to see Skunk Place pull off a double header!

Ann Dowdy said...

Go AILY, keeping up with the race from Santa Fe, New Mexico! Quito is a beautiful lead dog.