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Monday, March 11, 2013

Black Team out of Kaltag

Allen is running a very different race to those up in front! On a recent insider video he explained that the rest schedule he is running is so the younger dogs in the team will enjoy their Iditarod experience and learn how to get through a 1000 mile race. He said they had just gone through a lot of snow for eight hours and that is wasn't too fun for them so they were getting a good long rest in Kaltag. In the video he looked and sounded upbeat and the dogs came in with wagging tails and were gobbling down their snacks, so it looks like he's doing a great job!

He talked about the "crazy" weather conditions but in typical Allen Moore fashion he said "something is different every year, ya know?" - he's been around enough to take whatever comes in his stride and he didn't appear phased by it. He will be working hard himself to get as many of his team mates to Nome as possible, and not just by his famous ski-poling but also with exceptional dog care!

He pulled out of Kaltag at 12.30am after just over six hours rest there and is now on the way to Unalakleet. He has left someone behind in Kaltag, we're not sure who yet so we will let you know as soon as possible.

Screen shots from Insider video L-R: Allen looks upbeat; Tatfish enjoys his fish snack

Meanwhile, up in the front pack, Aliy and team pulled into Shaktoolik at midnight and are currently resting.

Yes, I know it 2.45am but I can't sleep so I thought I would join some of our supporters from different time zones and watch the overnight action!


Margaret said...

Thanks so much for your round-the-clock attention to Iditarod!!!

Without a doubt, SP Kennel is the best!!! Dog care, bonding, you name it!!! The best dogs and the best people!!!

Anne H. said...

Is it just me, or does Allen look a little delirious here? Just kidding, he looks great. Good to see Tatfish still with the team this time! Go black team!

Lisa B said...

Gotta give a shout-out to Allen too! Go Black Team! Even though I am glued to the Red Team's progress, I know that Allen's race is important too. Who knows, he may have a future golden harness winner sleeping on the straw right now.....

Thanks for the updates and I hope everyone has traveled safely or will travel safely over the next day or so. The SP Kennel support crew rocks!

Anonymous said...

Great updates, any time of day, thank you!! Aliy is just out of Koyuk now and looking so good; Allen looks great, great dogs.
We're cheering!

Julie V and Dogs

Jennie B. said...

Cheering you on, Allen!! Good run for those puppies. Loved the video and your comments on how the dogs should learn this as a positive experience. You and Aily have a new permanent fan.

Anonymous said...

It must be fun running the Iditarod with the intention of making sure the dogs have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Guess we will hear about Aliy`s runin with RR?