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Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Anvik" and "Kaltag"

Aliy came into Kaltag at 5.52pm this afternoon and according to the GPS tracker she has gone right through so right now, she is the leader!! She and the team stopped to camp on the trail for a just over two and a half about eight miles from the checkpoint so did not need to stop at the checkpoint other than for Aliy to go through her drop bags to grab booties, food for the whole team (including herself) and other supplies ready for the 85 mile run to Unalakleet. You may have read in Sebastian Schnuelle's blog saying her dogs enjoyed a meal and a nice warm sleep out there and that Aliy chose to camp as she didn't want to run more than eight hours in a stretch.

Edit: we now see she has dropped two dogs in Kaltag, we'll find out who and why as soon as we can!

As previously mentioned, Allen has already been through Anvik therefore it is competition time for all you SPKDogLog fans! Anvik, who rode in Allen's sled for the Ceremonial Start and Kaltag who rode in Aliy's need new homes! (Note Anvik and Kaltag are stuffed toy huskies!) To enter simply answer the following questions:

1) What is the "luxury" item Aliy is carrying in her sled?
2) What nickname does Aliy call Mac by in one of the videos?
3) What word did Allen use to describe the trail into Rainy Pass?
4) Who were the four major sponsors of the kennel that the team visited while in Anchorage?

Email us the answers at spkdoglog@gmail.com by midnight (Alaska time) Sunday, 10th March and all correct entries will go in the hat and we will pull two names.

(Note: for those who may be hard of hearing: the answers to 2) and 3) are also written elsewhere in the blog)

Anvik and Kaltag relax at the Clarion Suites


Anonymous said...

Drive like you stole it Aliy! :)

Julie Anne O'Neill said...

You've probably found out by now, but earlier, EmilySchwing ‏@EmilySchwing tweeted:

Zirkle came thru Kaltag, dropped Waylon & Puppet said her feet rwet & buzzed thru w straw. I’ll catch her in UNK to see if camping was good

Thanks for all the updates!

Lourdes, VT said...

I'm so behind you and your dogs Aliy!!! Godspeed!!!

Lisa B said...

Emily Schwing has a twitter post that says the two dropped dogs from Aliy are Puppet and Waylon. Very exciting days for the SP Kennel fans as the teams make their way to the coast and the final 8hr in White Mountain. Cheering for the Red Team, as always. Go Dogs!