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Monday, March 11, 2013

"Anvik" and "Kaltag" Toy Draw

Thank you for entering into the draw for Anvik and Kaltag (stuffed toy huskies); we had 74 correct entries! Bridgett drew the winners out of a hat under the burled arch in Nome.

The answers to the questions are:

1) What is the "luxury" item Aliy is carrying in her sled? Her down slippers
2) What nickname does Aliy call Mac by in one of the videos? MacDaddy
3) What word did Allen use to describe the trail into Rainy Pass? Punchy
4) Who were the four major sponsors of the kennel that the team visited while in Anchorage? Clarion Suites, Quality Suites, Horizon Lines and Eagle Pack

Anvik has found a new home with Ginny and Kaltag is heading to Courtney. Congratulations to the winners! Keep an eye out for when Allen gets to Koyuk for another chance to win.

Note: I linked the answers to the posts that have the video answers above, the written version of question 2 is here and 3 is here.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to both of you...your gonna love them.

Dawn E said...

Aww poo! How did I miss this????
Stupid work getting in the way of important stuff here.

Lisa B said...

Congrats to the contest winners! Great to see a photo of Bridgett and Moira having fun under the Burled Arch.

Sabs latest post (Koyuk/Brent Sass) on Iditarod.com has a lovely photo of Boondocks (maybe - NOT confirmed, I'm guessing because in a video Aliy said "little girl not eating") curled up in the Dodge Lodge waiting for dropped dog transportation.

Go Red Team!

Lisa B said...

Totally forgot in my first post - love the Timber cameo too - his hat is just too precious....

Anonymous said...

Well, at least I got the answers right. Congratulations, Ginny and Courney.

Dawn from Maine said...

Me, too! I'm proud to have just gotten the answers right! Enjoy your new pups Ginny and Courtney :>)