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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Allen Moore's SP Kennel Black Team Finish

Here they are! Allen Moore and the SPK Black Team passing under the burled arch in Nome to finish the 2013 Iditarod!

With 13 happy, healthy dogs on the line, Allen's team of youngsters -- and a few senior veterans to help teach them -- finishes in 33rd position. His goal of giving the Kennel's next generation of premier racing sled dogs a positive, successful experience of Iditarod is very well accomplished.

Congratulations to Allen and all of the fantastic dogs of the SP Kennel Black Team! We are all very proud of you!


Anonymous said...


Loved watching you come in live. cannot wait to see the picture of you and Aliy together under the arches. :) the young athletes look good.

get some well deserved rest. :)

The Ticknor's

Margaret said...

Macgellan is understating how difficult this year was for anyone to make it seem a positive experience, especially for young dogs - if you listen to Insider video on Martin Buser, or some of the other finishers (John Baker, Jessie Royer, Brent Sass): so congrats toAllen and the Black Team - and especially to Macdaddy and Clyde the rookies and all the other youngsters and thanks to Viper and the other leaders for doing such a great job!!!

Heidi Phillips said...

Congrats to Allen! Congrats to Aliy! Congrats to the pups, veterans and rookies alike! Congrats to Meghan, Moira, Ray, Bridget, and everyone else at SP Kennel, you ALL are a fantastic team! Thanks for all of the great updates and videos and photos. Thanks to Macgellen for taking over the blog posts for Moira. As a fan I got so much more coverage of the training and race season than I would have ever imagined. I felt like part of the team.

I have no finger nails left as I chewed tham all off watching Aliy's exciting finish trying to catch "that slippery sucker" Chatted with some great gals on Aliy's facebook page and cheered her in, we were poling and kicking helping Aily out :)

Best wishes to all,

Lourdes, VT said...

Congratulation Allen!!!! Congratulations pups and veteran dogs! Congratulations ALL!!!!
All the dogs of SP Kennel, are, and will always be the luckiest sled dogs in the whole world!!!
You all are GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Nome, loved watching you arrive with all your family greating you. have a great breakfast and rest.
Maureen W

tmcaleer said...

Wooooo Woooooo Woooooo! Yeah Allen and Black Team Pups!! So nice to see the dogs look snappy and happy.

Red Team, Black team, Support Team, thank you again for such a great race this year! You all were wonderful and so sharing with the information all along. Thanks ever so much with keeping us informed during this exciting race. We know your job is still not done as there is a lot to do to get the pups, gear and yourselves back home.

WOOOO! Thanks Again!

Cliff Michel said...

Great work this season, Allen. After your fabulous win in the Quest, now this great run with some of your future stars and the veterans. It has been (and will continue to be) our great good pleasure to support you, Aliy, and the entire SP Kennel team. --Cliff Michel and Family

Anonymous said...

WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! Awesome job - awesome dogs and musher!

SP Kennels is the BEST!!

Cathy Pearson said...

Well done Black Team! And my buddy Clyde...good dog! Get some well deserved rest, all of the SPKennel team :o)

Anonymous said...

Yea!! We your supporters are so very excited for SPK's accomplishments! Rock on!

Lisa B said...

Good job Allen - even moved up a spot to finish in 33 after leaving White Mountain in 34. Now a whole bunch of future super stars have seen how to get to Nome - great mentoring of the youngsters.

Anonymous said...

Yea ! Team !
So great and keep going ! Go,go,go...don't stop, GO !

Fabulous and what a feat for the feet :)

Love watching the dogs ~Team Miller

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Allen! As we see from all of the unfortunate mushers who have had to scratch, it is not easy to finish. How great to finish with the future of SPKennel's dog leaders.

Once again, congratulations to Aliy for her 2nd place finish. You both are so good for your sport. I am very proud to be able to say, I am a fan of SPKennel.

Joyce Washam said...

Congratulations Allen and your wonderful Black Team!

Congratulations Aliy and your fantastic Red Team!

It was a tough race this year and y'all are inspiring!
A HUGE Thank You! to Aliy, Allen and SP Kennel for all your hard work, for all the updates/videos and for all the joy and excitement you give to your fans! SP Kennel rocks!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic jobs Allen and Aliy!

stormy said...

Aliy and Allen
Best mushers in Alaska
SP Kennels-BEST!