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Friday, February 1, 2013

Yukon Quest Team Rosters

Well folks, here they are! We are really excited to share the team rosters with you for the Yukon Quest and Yukon Quest 300!

Leading the Black team out on Saturday morning will be Scout and Beemer! Followed in swing by Quito and Olivia, team dogs I.V., Scooter, Chica, Scruggs, Puppet, Nacho, Willie and Waylon with brothers Tatfish and Biscuit in wheel. Click here to see the full roster page.

The Red team will be lead out of the chute on Saturday afternoon by Viper and Rambler, swing dogs are Dingle and Boondocks with team dogs Chemo, Ranger, Mac, Boris, Moxie and Tug. Bonita and Fang are in wheel.

The Red and Black team will be lead by veterans Kipper and Spicy with Honda and L'il Debbie in swing, Spoog and Sissy followed by an all yearling line-up of Clyde, Nelson, Mismo, Outlaw, Felix and Pepe. Click here for the Red and Red and Black team rosters.

We're excited, how about you?


Unknown said...

I am so excited that Waylon made Allen's team. He is a tiny dog with the heart of a warrior.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Waylon is running with Allen! Lots of surprises in the lineups. How exciting. and Go Red and Black team yearlings!

KB said...

Finally, the day we have all been waiting for! Blessings on all of your races - Allen, Aliy, and Ryne.

Know that I, like all of your fans will be there night and day, hitting refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh...mentally willing Allen's dog to move.

Thanks in advance to the Home Team who will be keeping us updated on the SPK website. You are all awesome, and I have to say have "scooped" the official reporters time and time again.


Anonymous said...

Indeed some surprises, but overall a strong and experienced team. I'm excited to see IV run her first YQ.


Linda Toth said...

I love the change ups in the rosters and especially fascinated by Allen's choices and the Red & Black team. Izzy is sitting this one out .. very interesting.

See, it's after midnight and I am up - all armchair mushers must keep in training too!

Linda Toth said...


I am happy to see that both of Chica's and Cutter's offspring are on the Red team and both I.V. and Puppet are racing on the Black team.

Deb said...

Yay! Lil Debbie going with Ryne and the puppies. Have a great race all.

Anonymous said...

Nutmeg is holding the fort?

Lourdes, VT said...

We are all VERY excited... Lourdes, Zachary (Golden Retriever), Spock (kitty cat) and Angel (also kitty cat).
Go teams!!!!

Margaret said...

Can't add anything more to the expressions of team support we try to give online - I am following my first Yukon Quest - nothing more to say except: WOOF WOOF WOOF (one "woof" for each of SPK's teams)!!!

Good luck to Black, Red and R&B!!!

Melissa K said...

Get after it Nelson! I'm proud of you, my boy!