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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yukon Quest Day One

The Black team handler crew have just arrived in Pelly. I've some pics and video to edit so will get that to you asap, in the meantime here are some of my favourite pics from day one!

Aliy and Allen with Quito (photo credit: Ryne)

L-R: Bib #11; Nacho and Beemer wearing their promotional Yukon Quest booties; Allen in "the zone."

L-R: Aliy and Meghan doing final preparations; Aliy in "the zone;" the handler crew look on.

L-R: Black team line-up; Boris ready and waiting

L-R: Kristina and Ryne; the Black team's dog tags.

1 comment:

Lisa B said...

Great photos, thanks for the post! The dog tag shot is artistic and an interesting change of pace from shots of dogs, sleds and mushers. Of course, I love shots of dogs, sleds, and mushers, but this provides insight into one more piece of race prep. One of you awesome SPK handlers had to take the time to put 38 of these onto the dogs - guess that's part of the never ending to do list mentioned in the 1/29/2013 post.

Dogs and mushers continue to look awesome, thanks again for news from the trail. Go teams!