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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sorry, No Race Analysis

A number of you SP Kennel fans have asked via comments, email, Facebook, etc, whether we'll be giving you any "race analysis" during the Yukon Quest. The short answer is: "Sorry, no."

We were "green lighted" by Aliy and Allen to give you some analysis during the CB300 because it is such a straightforward race: Run, Rest at checkpoint, Run, Rest at checkpoint, Run, Rest at checkpoint, Run to the finish. All of the top teams took the same, minimum/mandatory rest at checkpoints. Speed between checkpoints was the only real factor. We were comfortable giving you that analysis.

The YQ is an entirely different race. It's so long -- and so far between checkpoints -- that virtually every team will have a different strategy for when to rest, where to rest and how long to rest. Teams will rest between checkpoints, making run times in between almost irrelevant. Their individual strategies are a crucial part of their competitive profile, and considering how many great dog teams are in this race, musher strategy may very well be the deciding factor in finishing order.

To analyze the SPK Black Team's strategy and performance -- in this wide-open, internet venue -- would greatly compromise its competitive advantage. As you know, last year's difference between first and second place was 26 seconds. There's no way we're going to take a chance of "spilling the beans" about what the team is up to.

That said, I can tell you this: SP Kennel has the best dogs it has ever had. Allen is a fierce competitor who works harder than any musher on the trail. This is his third time running the YQ, with a sixth place finish in his rookie year and a second place finish last year. You do the math!

Sorry, but we're just not gonna talk about it. Besides, you are all the best informed, most knowledgeable mushing fans on the planet. Watch this DogLog carefully, monitor the YQ site and Facebook stream, bang the heck out of the refresh button on the tracker, draw your own conclusions and hang on for dear life!

I'm already on caffeine overload, and it's only the first day of the race. I expect to get nothing else accomplished this week. I look forward to talking about it after it's over!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mac. nicely said! and its best to keep positive and not say to much. nice to see Mac on the red team. now I have to go to work daily so that will give me a break. but geez come friday next week.. and now with 50 less very hard miles to travel because of the new trail...that could change a lot of things.
Go SP Kennel!
padee Santa Rosa CA

kellerfrau said...

If you want to keep up with Allen, you can check the live tracker here!

It has a "Speed vs Time plot" and a great map you can zoom in to track all the mushers.

And here you find a leaderboard, an elevation plot and a zoomable tracker map as well.

The YQ300 does NOT have live tracking but here's the official page with the checkpoint data.

Anonymous said...

I understand and support this decision! Allen and Aliy will do what they always do... make judgements that are in the best interest of the dogs and the teams.

Anonymous said...

100% supportive! If we know the mushers we're already guessing!

Anonymous said...

After careful consideration and lots of intense discussion in which we weighed and analyzed hundreds of variables, studied past performances, and created dozens of hypothetical scenarios incorporating trail conditions, weather, and the speed of a butterfly's wings in Buenos Aires, we have established a strategy of completing the race course in less time than all other competitors. We believe that this approach has the highest likelihood of winning.


Anonymous said...

YQ posted this video - Mackey and Moore Leave Braeburn