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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Red and R&Bs Are Home

Clyde watching the snow fall 
You might have noticed the webpage hasn't had much activity today. That's because Aliy, Meghan, Ray and Moira are currently on their way back home to the USA. It will take them about 18 hours by road from Dawson City to the kennel. We'll have more updates and posts when they arrive sometime tomorrow.                                                   
SP Kennel Dog Yard- Arriving home from YQ300
Ryne and Christina arrived yesterday around noon from Canada. They brought with them 20 dogs from the R&B team (all team members) and Red team (Boondocks, Viper, Tug, Bonita, Moxie, Fang, Chemo, Dingle). We welcomed them home in warm 5 degree weather. The dogs had big bowls of soaked kibble and fish and the humans enjoyed Mexican food.  Most of the dogs have been sleeping throughout the day. However, the Yearlings are already playing with their friends from the Golf litter. Here are a few pictures from around the yard. Hopefully this will entertain you as you wait for Allen's tracker to refresh.                                                          
Spoog- No idea if this is a yawn or bark.
Whatever it is he's happy!
Spicy enjoying the warmth of home 


Dawn said...

I love the pictures at the kennel! How do you transport so many dogs? I'm kinda new to understanding the whole racing thing and life with sled dogs. The dogs looks happy to be home. I'll pray for safe travel for the crew still on the road---and for Allen, too. Amen!

Margaret said...

I can't tell you how wonderful SP Kennel is - "enjoying the warmth of home" is a good way to describe the website.

Thanks so much for sharing exploits of the 4-legged athletes!!!

Woof, woof, woof!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are back. Great Race Ryne and you did a terrific job with those pups. thanks for the update. did they move the Golf Litter pups? I dont see them to the right of the front of the Kennel. Hugs to Chipper.
Padee Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...

Hi Padee, the Golf pups moved back to the 'yearling' section of the yard along the tree line. They live next to Mismo, Nelson, and Outlaw. Earlier in the Fall, the little pups Kodiak, Dutch, Junior, and Lydia moved from their puppy pen to the puppy houses in the front of the yard. - Wendy