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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

R&Bs Post Race Update

Hi folks, we have been able to quickly catch up with Ryne now she and Kristina are back in the US. I know a LOT of you are wanting to know about the team. Ryne was really excited to run the team - she said that a 300 mile race "certainly rocked their world" but said "they are an impressive bunch!"

She dropped Pepe, Mismo and Outlaw - Outlaw and Pepe were left in Carmacks and Mismo at McCabe. Outlaw had a great attitude but a slack tug line just outside of Carmacks. He got a ride in her sled just in case it was something serious. The Vet Crew found that he had a swollen wrist after he arrived at the checkpoint. Pepe was strong all the way into Carmacks. Ryne was very excited with his "sled dog spirit", but the Vet Crew found that his rear leg was inflamed - a strange issue. Ryne thinks he might have slipped the leg into a crack in the river ice just before the Checkpoint. She dropped him so that Kristina could watch his leg. He seems 100% now. Mismo had a great run over to McCabe Creek but seemed "off" just outside of the checkpoint. Since Mismo was so positive and happy on this run, she thought it best to drop him BEFORE his attitude changed.

Ryne said the only time Clyde stopped pulling was when she pulled snacks out of the sled-bag for herself! She said Felix was the steadiest of the youngsters and Nelson was physically the strongest. The only time Nelson had a "yearling moment" was when a dog team followed very closely behind and he thought they MUST be back there to play with him!

"Spoog did great! He ate well, ran well and kept the team running." Sissy was the speed of the team, if they didn't have her on the team they would have gone at a much slower pace.

The team finished with Honda and Kipper in the lead at the finish. Spicy had been leading for a lot of the race - Ryne said Spicy circled around the parking lot in Pelly, not because she was tired but because she wanted to socialise with her new mates! L'il Debbie ate well, as she always does, and was super steady. That is an important example to set with youngsters around.

Honda thought he was "the business" when he was promoted to leader towards the end and started barking at Kipper, telling her how awesome he is! Knowing Kipper she wouldn't have paid any attention.

Thanks for your support of our awesome R&Bs! We're really proud of each and every one of them.


Melissa K. said...

Yaaaay! So proud of all of them - especially 'my Nelson.' Thank you Ryne for taking such good care of them all.

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Great job all!!!

Macgellan said...

It is thrilling to hear about the youngsters' successes... Congrats to Ryne for a superb job developing the future of SPK!

Linda Toth said...

Beautiful! Wonderful!

Ah, so satisfying to hear about that bunch and the veterans leading them through!

Big sigh of satisfaction and relief and just plain happiness.

Dawn E said...

Great update! Great race, dogs, and human! Thanks so much!

Deb said...

Thanks for the update. While "steady" may not be super special....it can be just right with a young team. Go Lil Deb!

Lourdes, VT said...

Congratulations Ryne! Super job! And you pups are the best!!!