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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

R&Bs Finish YQ300

Ryne and her super R&Bs crossed the finish line in Pelly Crossing at 4.45pm. At the time of writing I'm unsure what position they came in as the official website has not updated that information yet.

Kipper, Spicy, Honda, L'il Debbie, Spoog, Sissy (right), Clyde, Nelson, Mismo, Outlaw, Felix and Pepe - you are all AWESOME! And so is Ryne - it takes something special to get a (mostly) yearling team through a race like this so congratulations Ryne! Kristina has worked hard handling for them, THANKS!

I'm sure they are enjoying a rest now before making the big drive back to Fairbanks.


Linda Toth said...

I am sure you are beginning to see us as akin to the Alaskan mosquito, always buzzing around, never giving a body a moment's peace .. but did you ever find out which dogs Ryne dropped?

Lisa B said...

Waahoo - great job Ryne, Kristina and the awesome SP Kennel dogs! Safe travels for them back to Two Rivers.

Jenn Bonilla said...

Great work all and special love/treats to Pepe!!! from Pepe's sponsor, Jenn

Dawn Perry said...

Awesome race Ryne! Those special puppies had a great run and one day will be front runners! Take a bow......and rest!

Melissa K. said...

I'm proud of all the yearlings getting the chance to experience a big race like this at such a young age. They have now experienced checkpoint routines and camping on the trail and seeing other teams. Next year they'll be young professionals.