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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Leaving Whitehorse

The handler crews have arrived at Braeburn Lodge and now we hurry up and wait for our mushers (and maybe partake in the giant cinnamon buns!).

In the meantime, enjoy the video from the start line earlier today; these dogs are amped!

(And did you hear? The spkdoglog.com gets a mention)


Dawn said...

The teams looked awesome! The barking made my dogs, Jade and Moses, come over to the computer and watch!

Macgellan said...

Seriously loud-mouth dogs!... The Cha/Ranger gene lineage rulz!... All the dogs look great, ESPECIALLY those yearlings... Wow!... The future!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Start Videos. I especially liked your naming the dogs for us.

Enjoy the cinammon buns!

Lisa B said...

Seriously impressed by Nacho's cool calm demeanor at the beginning when you were naming the lineup - that's a dog that knows his energy will be needed later in the race. Don't get me wrong, all the dogs looked great and their enthusiasm is a joy to watch, but Nacho and couple of others really stand out for acting "all-business".

All 38 dogs and 3 mushers looked fantastic - should be a very exciting race.

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Will you be doing some more analyses? I really liked what you did for the CB300.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! dogs just a bit excited to be going., wonderful.
Maureen from BC

Karen Hanscom said...

It is so exciting to be a long-distance part of the race! Thanks for the coverage.
Karen in Maryland

Linda Toth said...

Watching them take off is so emotional. Wow!