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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Leaving Circle City

The Black Team is out of Circle City - they left at 1.27pm with all 11 dogs. They left with Olivia and Quito in lead, Scruggs and Scout in swing followed by Beemer and Nacho, Chica, Puppet and Willie and Biscuit and Waylon in wheel. They trotted happily out of the checkpoint and disappeared down the trail ready for their run through to Central Checkpoint.

Allen readies the team

The handler crew arrived in Circle City in time to see Allen wake up from his nap so we were able to catch up with him and see him and the team out safely. He is looking great and the team ate and slept really well. He is pleased with how the team looks for this stage of the race.

Right: Allen booties Nacho


Melissa K. said...

Awwww. I think it is sweet that Aliy and Allen wear their wedding rings on the trail.

Go Black team! Show Birch Creek who's the boss!

Lourdes, VT said...

Every time I see a picture of any of your dogs by him/her-self, I say, this is my favorite one...until I see another one, brother, sister, etc, and then I go...this is my favorite, and on and on! You have the most beautiful pooches ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Poleing, poleing, poleing
though the frozen rivers are overflow’n,

Keep on paddleing and poleing - Fairrr banks!

Snow and wind and temperatures, harness’s and tuglines tight,

down the trail at a steady pace.

All the things I’m miss’n, good chow and sleep’n,

are waiting at the end of the trail

move em on, feed em up
rest em up, happy feet mov’n on
down the trail

(Think about the song Rawhide.)

OK - It's a re-work from last years Quest but I couldn't help myself.

Black Team - You've got this! Stay focused and the end result will be your reward.


Lisa B said...

So glad the handlers got to Circle in time to see Allen off on the way to Central - must have killed them to be waiting on highway for it to reopen.

I went out to grab some pizza and mentally willed the darn tracker to start working again and be a surprise for me when I got back - lo and behold - I was thrilled to see Allen's bouncing dog out of Circle and down the trail where it belonged when I got back home.

Go Black Team! Looking great!

Anonymous said...

Credit to YQ on You Tube:
Allen and Hugh arriving in Circle