Dawson City Bound

The Black team is now Dawson City bound - they have 201 miles to cover before we get to see them again and we are all very much looking forward to that moment. Allen stuck to his schedule and pulled out of the dog lot at 7.22am, almost bang-on six hours after arriving. Everyone, including Allen, got a good rest and ate substantially while at the checkpoint so are refueled ready for the run.

Beemer and Scout are still out in front showing their stuff. I did ask Allen about that as we do have "The Golden Girls" right there in the swing position (Quito and Olivia) but he said he is really happy with both Beemer and Scout; they are keeping a good steady pace and they deserved to continue.

Allen took 12 dogs with him - we have Tatfish with us as he is a bit sore (not the same place as Copper Basin, he fully recovered from that prior to this race). As much as we don't want to see dogs dropped, we are always happy to have Tatfish around as he's such a happy and fun wee boy. Allen will miss having him around, as will his brother, Biscuit, but it was best for Tatfish and for the team that he hang out with us.

A note here about the excellent veterinary team they have here for the Quest. I know they are working hard with the mushers and teams in checkpoints to keep everyone happy and healthy, but they are not just here for the dogs still in the race; they have provided superior care and advice to us about our dropped dogs and are happy to see them as often as we want. They've answered my numerous questions and are keen to help. THANKS!

We've caught up with Meghan who has arrived by road from Carmacks - she reports that Aliy and her team looked good. The team stopped to rest at McCabe Creek for a couple of hours and were led in and out of there with Rambler in single lead! Go Rambler!! Ranger was in full song which is always a good sign. We could be expecting her into Pelly Crossing soon, but as I am learning: "soon" could be anything from five minutes to two hours!

Ryne and the R&Bs pulled into Carmacks at 4.46am with all 12 dogs, (that is confirmed and the YQ Website will be corrected soon). Sorry we don't have any more information for you about them at this stage.