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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Circle City: Video Update

Hi folks, transmission has resumed! The handler crew have been in remote interior Alaska and internet connectivity has been sparse but I've stopped in at home in Two Rivers before we head to the final checkpoint to greet Allen and the Black team.

We made it over the mountain pass to Circle City in time to catch up with Allen over a big cooked breakfast, see the dogs wolf down their meal and then see them leave. You will see clearly in this video that he removed the back end of the sled to reduce weight for the run home. Because the distances between checkpoints for the rest of the race are smaller than the earlier runs he didn't have to carry so much food and equipment and he had planned his drop bags in Circle, Central, Mile 101 and Two Rivers accordingly.

See Quito and Olivia leading the team out of Circle City.

And here is why we were late...

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Anonymous said...

It is just lovely to hear a Kiwi accent at SP Kennel. What amazing scenery! You'd not find anything quite as snowy at home.