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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Carmacks Check In

A yippy-yappy black team checked into Carmacks at 12.31pm Sunday. Allen and dogs are resting here for a while so the usual checkpoint routine has been followed so far: for the dogs it's snacks, straw, de-bootie, sleep; for Allen it's dogs first, eat, then get some sleep for himself. Allen said the trails had soft snow and there were some patches of overflow at various points on the trail but the team negotiated them all really well.

Aliy and the Red team are on their way to Carmacks after checking out of Braeburn at 7.51am. Ryne and the Red and Back team are currently in Braeburn resting.

PS - Just in: Ryne and R&B checked out of Braeburn at 3.30pm with all 12 dogs, the yearlings are looking good!


Macgellan said...

The dogs look fantastic!... All energy with wagging tails!... Beemer and Scout still in lead!

Lisa B said...

Must have been something pretty interesting over to their left. Ray had his hands full keeping them lined out straight - but that's because they were still so peppy and energetic. Good looking dogs!

Anxiously awaiting whether Aliy or Michelle hits Carmacks first.

Thanks for the update.

Lourdes, VT said...

Those dogs look like they are coming home from a Sunday afternoon stroll. Congratulation Allen!!!
How are Aliy and Ryne?

Anonymous said...

Looked like Ray called out to the team "stand down" and they all fell out of formal race position, and scurried to check out what was in the red bags ("aren't we supposed to be the Black Team?" Olivia asked...)

Thank you so much for this glimpse!

--Margaret in CT

Dawn Perry said...

Awesome! Thanks for the update. I'm still confused how this race goes=Is Aliy and Ryne racing or part of the team and Allen is mushing? The dogs look so ready for more!

***Dawn in ME

Anonymous said...

Wow, their comes a freight train at full speed, looking good.
what dog was dropped in Carmacks?
Thanks Mac.


Anonymous said...

Photo of Allen and team in News Miner:


Photo of Ryne: (There are more SPK photos on YQ Facebook)

Thanks for the pictures - YQ Day 1.