Carmacks and McCabe Creek update

Sorry for the delay folks, a lot of things happening at the same time!

Some of you might have seen on the Yukon Quest official stats that Allen dropped a dog at Carmacks - I can confirm it was little I.V. She was displaying some signs of soreness and, as you know, at SP Kennel the health and welfare of the dogs is always more important than any race so Allen decided to leave her with us. There is still some racing to be done this season so he decided it was better to let her rest and recover. She did awesomely up to that point and she is going to be just fine - we're enjoying her company!

Allen left Carmacks at 5.21pm with Scout and Beemer still in lead and 11 great looking dogs behind them. We caught up with him briefly at the McCabe Creek dog drop - there are no official times for McCabe Creek as it isn't an official check point but he is through and on his way to Pelly Crossing. The dogs still look really good, in fact some of them were none-too-pleased with him stopping briefly at McCabe, with several turning around to look at him with a "What's going on? C'mon!!!" look on their face.

Below is video of Allen leaving Carmacks and "blowing through" McCabe dog drop. Just listen to Scooter as they leave Carmacks, just like her papa Ranger!

Aliy and team arrived in Carmacks at 4.51pm while Allen was still there so they were able to have a quick catch-up. Aliy is engaged in a particularly interesting battle currently with Michelle Phillips so we are all watching intensely. No official out times for them but they have both left there and are on their way to Pelly Crossing. I completely missed Aliy's arrival as I was busy getting I.V. comfortable in the truck but I'm sure you understand - the dogs come first here :-) Everyone else who saw them said they are looking strong.

Ryne and the R&B team are on their way to Carmacks, she still has all 12 dogs. She is running a very different run/rest schedule to Aliy as she has the yearlings on the biggest race of their lives so far so is resting longer and more often. We're sorry we don't get to see them but by all accounts they are doing a fantastic job!

There has been light snow falling on and off for most of the day so the trails are pretty soft, it is also very warm! We are going to try to catch 40 winks while keeping an eye on the trackers! Hope you are enjoying following along - it's nice for us to know you are all there with us!